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Reading Round-Up: 8th-14th May

Whenever I tell anyone this little fact about me and my husband, the reaction is always the same: “whoa, that’s so weird!” Every darn time.

This weird-as fact is that we have exactly the same birthday. Same day, same month, same year. In fact, we’ve worked out that my husband is approximately 45 minutes older than I am. It’s one of the biggest coincidences that’s ever happened to either of us.

Another cool fact, our birthday is today! We both turn 29 today which is so perilously close to 30 that we’re probably going to spend the next 365 days as if they are our last. It’s a bit dramatic, I know, but we’re adjusting to the idea that we’re no longer going to be in our twenties. It’s a strange concept.

While I’ve wanted to use today as an excuse to splurge on some books, I actually haven’t and I think that should change. There’s a couple of paperbacks I’ve been meaning to get!

This week I’ve only had chance to read the one book on my TBR pile and that’s for next week’s review: The Spinner’s Child by Crispina Kemp. It’s turning out to be a pretty intriguing read but it’s on the long side and if I want to finish it before Wednesday, I can’t read anything else!

This is the last fantasy I will read for a while because I want to focus on urban fantasy for a while. Particularly to start reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. That one has sat on my shelf for far too long without being read.

I tend to find a lot of fantasy books in my inbox, far more than urban fantasy and I wonder how many strictly fantasy review blogs exist out there. But we aren’t really a high fantasy blog, we’re definitely more urban fantasy. So let’s see how we go with a long urban fantasy run.

Because today’s my birthday, there’s one thing I want to mention before I sign off. For my birthday, I’ve decided to do a sale on one of my books, Scorpio’s Grace which is usually $2.99. For today, tomorrow and the day after (14th, 15th and 15th May), Scorpio’s Grace is available for only 99c!

I’m currently working on the sequel to Scorpio’s Grace: Scorpio’s Virtue and though I’ve got my own secret release date right now, I’m not going to make any promises just yet. I’m still figuring out my release routine and how to get my books written and published as quickly as possible. Hopefully, this is the year that it all gets worked out and I find my rhythm.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee though, Scorpio’s Virtue will definitely hit the shelves before September.

Scorpio’s Grace is an urban fantasy with loads of action (and a touch of romance!), so you are more than welcome to get your own copy right now while it’s on sale!

Thanks for reading!

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