YA Fantasy Giveaway

Last week I said we were going to focus on free books in the giveaway feature and that’s still happening but here’s what we’re going to do. Free books when I can’t find a giveaway!

I love sharing free stuff with you for a few reasons. Mostly because during hard times, it’s nice to know that we can take a break with something we enjoy without worrying about money. I am a big advocate for paying artists for their work, partly because I am one. But I’ll give my stuff away for free sometimes and hopefully it brings people joy.

Anyway, on to the good stuff:

Courtney Cannon has another giveaway up her sleeve and this one is YA Fantasy. Lots of books, wall hangings, bags and other kinds of swag up for grabs. As ever for Courtney’s giveaways, there’s also some Funko Pops included in this bundle.

YA Fantasy is a great genre and it’s a shame I’m taking a break from fantasy. I mean, look at those gorgeous covers. So this one is for you, the fantasy fans out there who fancy throwing your names into the hat, go nuts!

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, go to this link and enter. As ever, there are dozens of ways to improve your chances by sharing the giveaway, recommending it to your friends etc. One way or the other, you’re in with a chance.

Just a quick one before I go, a reminder that that my book Scorpio’s Grace is still on sale for 99c for today and tomorrow only. It’s an action-packed urban fantasy with a touch of romance I hope you’ll enjoy! You can grab a copy a-right here if this sounds like your thing.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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