Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 15th – 21st May 2020

What a week!

Did I get much reading done? Hell, yes. So much.

But it gets better. This week something clicked and the lethargy of the pandemic lock-down suddenly disappeared. (England might not be in a proper lock-down right now but me and my husband will be until this pandemic is over!)

When we were first told to batten down the hatches and stay inside, I fell into a routine that was normal for many households. Spending all day in my pyjamas, snacking constantly, but never eating a meal, and watching endless Netflix. I wanted that productivity that social media was encouraging. To emerge the other side and feel that despite the difficulties of lock-down, I’ve achieved something.

Don’t we all want to feel that way? That somehow we’ve transformed a negative into a big positive. That we managed to weather this by bettering ourselves and our lives. But it’s been a struggle to do much more than sink into the sofa and do the bare minimum.

Something changed last week and I think it was putting Scorpio’s Grace on sale that really lit a fire under me. I’m bashing out the sequel, Scorpio’s Virtue, reading everything under the sun and studying like crazy in a few publishing and ads courses.

I’m really hoping that this productivity wave will carry on until things get back to normal and beyond because it feels great. But it taught me something important. You can’t force this stuff. This drive popped up out of nowhere because I’d taken time to chill out for my birthday and decided not to feel guilty about it.

This isn’t a sermon but I think the key to having a motivational/productivity boost is literally letting yourself off the hook for relaxing. At least, that’s what worked for me!

Next week, I need to up my reading because somehow – and I legitimately don’t know how – I’m 2 books behind on my Goodreads target. So, time to knuckle down and add more reading to the list of things to do.

This week I’ve started reading Witch’s Jewel by Kater Cheek and already love it, so that’s a good place to start. So far there’s already a magic jewel, a mysterious stranger and a death threat to the main character. It’s an awesome start!

I hope that you have a huge summer reads TBR pile and that you get a chance to read the whole darn thing.

Thanks for reading!

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