What's on the TBR pile?

On the Reading Pile: Secrets of Green and Gold

E-readers are NOT like bookshelves.

You buy books you like the look of and intend to read them but it never works out that way. Some books get pushed to the back of your library as you buy more and more books. We can’t have that TBR pile getting too small now, can we?

That’s what happened to a few titles I bought last year that I recently discovered. I decided to have a sort through of the older books in my e-reader and found several books I wish I’d read earlier. But, like I said, e-readers are not like bookshelves. You can’t just take in all your titles and choose one. You’ve got to flick through them and sometimes, you just a bit tired of flicking.

The book I’ve resurrected from the depths of my TBR pile today is a book I’m really excited to read it:

She’s the only hope to save an immortal race . . . Except she doesn’t know they exist.

When Cara begins hearing voices, it’s one more thing that makes her different. And that’s the last thing she needs.

A new school in the fall is the fresh start she’s been waiting for. She’s determined to fit in, to finally make some friends other than her dog. It’s a clean slate and this time she knows how to hide.

So when a voice in Cara’s head shatters her quiet summer, telling her of a hidden race and threatening all her careful plans, she can’t run away fast enough.

But the voice is insistent. One by one, his kind are disappearing, and only she can help figure out why. The only problem? Cara is sure she’s losing her mind . . . along with her second chance.

But after two suspicious guys show up at her boarding school, and bizarre encounters continue to add up, Cara is left with one question. What if the voices are real?

What if it’s all been real?”

* * *

There’s a lot of mystery in this blurb but it’s a total hook. A magical species on the verge of extinction, voices in the protagonist’s head and two mysterious guys. I’m guessing they’re love interests and personally, I’m totally OK with that!

I’m going through an academy run lately and I’m loving this trope. Even though this might not necessarily be an academy book, boarding school is just as good. So, this book is getting yanked out of the bottom of the TBR pile and back on top. Can’t wait to get stuck in and read this one.

Thanks for reading!

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