Reading Catch Ups

Reading Catch-Up: 22nd – 28th May 2020

I’m in a serious catch-22.

I won’t pretend to know how this COVID-19 virus works but my general rule of thumb is to avoid people and anything they might have touched. Only leaving the house to work means I have more money than ever and more book funds! BUT, I’m not actually buying more paperbacks just in case.

What nightmare is this that I can afford more paperbacks than ever but can’t buy them?

The good news is, with all the extra savings, I can afford to order a flat-bed loaded with paperbacks when this is over. That’s a future to look forward to!

This week I’ve continued to read a great deal but Goodreads is still telling me I’m behind schedule. Say, what? This might be an invitation to up my game even more and read whole books in one go. I’m totally up for that, I just don’t want to abandon my writing in the process!

Even though I haven’t bought many paperbacks, I have bought loads of e-books and there are plenty more on my wish-list. All of them full of magic and madness. (At least, I hope so!)

This last two weeks has been insanely productive for me. Reading, writing, everything in between and the start of burnout is starting to creep up. My biggest downfall in the past was powering through to a full-on burnout and wondering why I crashed so hard. With the help of my husband, it’s a lot easier to now to figure out when it’s time to take a break. The good news is, that doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning productivity completely.

Reading is always on my to-do list. I put it in every day, even when it’s super busy. But when you’re taking a break from life, reading is something you can carry on doing. When you’re running a book blog, reading is super productive. So, while I take a bit of a breather from the intensity of life, I’ll pick up my e-reader to go somewhere else for a while. Somewhere super interesting and hopefully, full of adventure!

Thanks for reading!

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