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Secrets of Green and Gold – Book Review

Title: Secrets of Green and Gold

Author: Jo Holloway

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: Two stars

She’s the only hope to save an immortal race . . . Except she doesn’t know they exist.

When Cara begins hearing voices, it’s one more thing that makes her different. And that’s the last thing she needs.

A new school in the fall is the fresh start she’s been waiting for. She’s determined to fit in, to finally make some friends other than her dog. It’s a clean slate and this time she knows how to hide.

So when a voice in Cara’s head shatters her quiet summer, telling her of a hidden race and threatening all her careful plans, she can’t run away fast enough.

But the voice is insistent. One by one, his kind are disappearing, and only she can help figure out why. The only problem? Cara is sure she’s losing her mind . . . along with her second chance.

But after two suspicious guys show up at her boarding school, and bizarre encounters continue to add up, Cara is left with one question. What if the voices are real?

What if it’s all been real?”

* * *

My Review

I had such high hopes for this book but Secrets of Green and Gold was a bit of a disappointment. The blurb was really promising: a girl about to attend boarding school hearing voices in her head. Discovering a supernatural species that is threatened by unknown forces.

It all sounded amazing but the book just didn’t stand up to its promise. This was super surprising because the reviews for this book are really good and they, along with an intriguing blurb, were why I bought it in the first place.

Here’s the main problem I had with this book: virtually nothing happened. 70% of this book is the protagonist going to school or running, which is her new hobby. When something does eventually happen, the drama is rushed and not very intense. It felt as though the supernatural elements which promised to be the book’s core plot point was more of an after-thought. A lot of the drama that happens revolve around the protagonist’s arguments with friends or a not-very-embarrassing run-in with two boys which has her feeling super embarrassed for most of the book.

The end climax was also quite disappointing. Nothing was really at stake and while one of the protagonist’s friends got a bit hurt, nothing much happened.

There were some bits that I really loved, like the Skai Run. I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to read this book but the imagery for the Skai Run was beautiful. I was pulled in and it was definitely an immersive point in the story. Having said that, it doesn’t really contribute much to the plot.

All-round, this book wasn’t as enjoyable as I’d hoped but it had a few good moments.

If you’d like to check out Secrets of Green and Gold for yourself, it’s available on Amazon at this link.

Thanks for reading!

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