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3 Alcoholic Drinks to Take The Edge Off – The Anxious Author

Now listen here, drunkards. Alcohol is not the answer to our problems! But by gum, it helps sometimes.

When life piles up, there’s little more we can do than slog through it. Unless…no, we couldn’t possibly. It’s only 9am, our neighbours might think we’re alcoholics.

Abandon your shame, my friends. This is a special occasion. We are already borderline overwhelmed and the day hasn’t yet begun. All right, so maybe that makes it less of a special occasion and more of a weekly occurrence, but my point still stands.

As Anxious Authors, we are going to encounter more testing days than most. Our tendency to over-think make our hurdles that much harder to jump on our bad days. Getting absolutely trashed to subdue our anxiety is obviously hugely counter-productive and damaging. But having a little something-something when things feel a bit much can help settle the nerves.

A small measure of alcohol helps banish those pesky inhibitions that make us question every word we write. So please, remember that Ernest Hemingway went thoroughly overboard and check out this list of Anxious Author friendly tipples:

1. Irish Cream in Coffee

If you’ve never tried this combination before, let me tell you it’s just beautiful. In the first of our hourly doses of caffeine, mix in a little Irish cream and enjoy the feeling of your muscles unwinding. It’s a little piece of heaven in a cyclone of chaos.

There’s no speech slurring, no hazy thoughts, just a warm buzz that keeps the anxious thoughts at bay. Plus, it’s creamy and delicious! Just be careful it doesn’t send you to sleep from all the cozy feels.

2. A small glass of Marlbec

Sometimes I find that one glass of wine helps the words flow better. Fewer inhibitions make us Anxious Authors question ourselves less and the first drafts that much easier to write.

Why Marlbec? After some extensive wine-tasting (yeah, clubbing can be two things), Marlbec goes down easy and is the least likely to result in a headache. The last thing you need after a productive writing session is a hangover.

Have a small glass, let the creative juices flow and relax afterwards headache-free.

3. Strawberry Cider

The cider doesn’t necessarily have to be strawberry flavoured but cider’s at its best when it has a fruity kick. This sweet treat is a bit like drinking boozy pop and is best enjoyed on a sunny day straight out of the fridge.

Maybe this one is on the list because it’s a personal favourite, but it’s turned many a summer day into a productive writing day. Much like the Irish coffee, cider gives you a warm buzz without getting you drunk. One little bottle will quieten the inhibitions enough to get plenty of writing done.

* * *

There’s a sweet spot where a small tipple and writing meet. For me, it’s the small Marlbec. (Back in the day, a straight lemonade used to do the trick). We don’t want to get drunk in the pursuit of finishing that first draft or we can write the next day off as a hangover nightmare!

Thanks for reading!

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