Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 5th-11th June 2020

Ugh, ever have a week that you really wish was over?

Trying to get on with your life and reach your goals when conflict is throwing itself at you is hard. The only saving grace for weeks like this is that difficulties make us stronger. Sounds cliche but that notion is sometimes the only thing that stops me from curling up in bed and leaving the world behind.

The joys of being an Anxious Author.

But, you know, if life is going to be full of conflict, can’t we have a full-on awesome adventure with our own character arcs? That might just make the struggles worth it even more. Also, where are the cute pet side-kicks?

Depressing stuff aside, reading was even more important this week thanks to the escapism it provided. When some days go south quickly, it’s a brief respite to escape into someone else’s adventure. Books have been this week’s saving grace.

I say it a lot, books are the best escapism, but the words can sound empty until you actually need to rely on them.

This week, I finished A Necromancer’s Bride by Kat Ross and absolutely loved it (check yesterday’s review). It was so good I’m tempted to start the next book, Dead Ringer straight away. But I’ve got books in my inbox to finish which do look awesome, so time to get started on those!

Kat Ross’ books are typically dark, mysterious and full of magic. These are the sorts of books I’m addicted to lately. Badass, super intelligent protagonists battling similarly badass super intelligent antagonists!

Next week, I’m expecting to go on a total book buying spree. The urge to buy things during this lock-down is too much now. I’ve already bought a shiny, new fountain pen and lots of bookmarks and business cards. E-books are significantly cheaper so if I’m going to go crazy spending, it may as well be on 99p books.

A few bottles of wine might also be a good shout, just to take the edge off. Judge me or join me!

So, roll on next week and let’s hope Monday is merciful. Or, you know, as merciful as Mondays can be. (Oh wow, we’re doomed).

Thanks for reading!

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