Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 12th – 18th June

Blessings in disguise are definitely a thing.

This week, my disguised blessing was severely spraining my ankle on the way home from work. The swelling was the size of a tennis ball and over the week, it’s gone through every colour in the rainbow. At work, I’m on my feet all day so naturally, I’m on leave.

Not great for my bank account but awesome for reading and writing. I’ll admit, I took a day off to play video games constantly. It was nostalgic. I haven’t done anything like that since I was a teenager and it rocked.

Since having to sit down all day, I’ve finished an online course, the book I was reading (Spells & Ashes – check yesterday’s review) and the first draft of Scorpio’s Virtue (the sequel to Scorpio’s Grace). I’m already on to reading the next book, the next course (there are many to get through) and the planning for two more series is well underway.

In the last few years, I’ve maintained the belief that it’s important to see the silver lining on the particular cloud that’s raining on you at the moment. Sometimes clouds don’t have them and that sucks, but if they do, fixate on it. It’ll get you through the tough days.

Ever since temporarily losing my income, I’ve had to spend carefully when it comes to books. I make a point of paying for books and condemn free e-book sites from the depths of my heart. But I’ve taken some time to scour Amazon for free urban fantasy e-books and found some real gems. The best so far is the Tarot Witches boxed set by S.M. Reine. It’s the complete four-book series and it’s free, so I got a copy ASAP. Here’s the link if you want it!

Still, it’s important to be adaptable especially in difficult times and thank goodness that in this difficult period, I’m still able to read.

Next book on the list is a book from my inbox by an unknown author and after that, I intend to get stuck into that S.M. Reine boxed set. It looks amazing!

Thanks for reading!

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