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3 Newsletter Building Resources for Anxious Authors – The Anxious Author

When Anxious Authors first start out building a newsletter list, it feels like running uphill in an 1800s diving suit.

Where do newsletter subscribers live? What do they like to read about? Are they even going to be interested in my books? All these questions and more crossed my mind when I first began building my newsletter list.

Newsletters, especially at the beginning, are a hugely overwhelming concept for Anxious Authors. They take time and demand a baseline understanding of marketing, which, as we know, doesn’t come easily to most authors.

The truth is, that building and maintaining a newsletter list isn’t as big or arduous a task as we think it is. Newsletter builders are an option but they aren’t always GDPR compliant and that’s a headache we just don’t need. The only thing we really lack at the start of building a newsletter is knowledge and that is easily fixed. There are plenty of resources out there that can help us build our newsletters and learn how to make them appealing to our subscribers.

Here are three of the best newsletter resources I’ve used recently:

1. Story Origin

Story Origin is a fairly new resource and is still gaining momentum in the indie author world. But my goodness, it’s an absolute winner for building up your newsletter.

On Story Origin, there is a huge community of authors looking for newsletter swaps. Group promotions, sales and giveaway bundles are free to take part in and gives you the opportunity to put your reader magnet and newsletter in front of potential new readers.

Better yet, when you sign up to a group promotion, you have the opportunity to put lots of free and discounted books in front of your subscribers. Free things go down a storm with your followers, so this is an invaluable tool.

The only downside with Story Origin is that you do need a baseline level of subscribers for most people to want to swap with you. Aim for 100 subscribers before taking full advantage of this tool. Having said that, there are a few lovely authors on Story Origin with thousands of subscribers who will send the elevator back down to authors with next to no subscribers and swap with them.

But if you’re in need of building up your subscriber list first, this next resource is for you:

2. Newsletter Ninja

There are lots of courses and books on how to build newsletters and engage with subscribers. But not all of them are specifically directed at authors. Especially at the start, we need specific guidance that relates to our industry.

In the indie author world, Tammi Labrecque’s Newsletter Ninja takes the top spot when it comes to advising authors on newsletters. I still haven’t finished reading this book yet but all the tips I’ve put into practice have worked wonders for engagement and avoiding unsubscribing.

This is a great resource if you’re just starting out building your newsletter and have no idea what to do. Newsletter Ninja has an answer for all our anxious questions and gets us started on content ideas that stick with our followers. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us what to do!

Newsletter Ninja is available in e-book, audio-book and paperback formats on Amazon a-right here.

3. The Newsletter Builder Group

Newsletter building isn’t just a great way to reach more readers for your books. It’s an excellent opportunity to network with other authors. Newsletter swaps forge connections with authors in your genre and come release day, those connections are going to mean a lot.

This Facebook group was created specifically to connect authors and help them build their newsletters with builders and swaps. It’s a great platform to meet other authors, swap within your genre and build up your newsletter. Plus, every so often you might stumble across someone giving tips spelling out what worked for them.

The Newsletter Builder Group is open to authors on Facebook and you can join it a-right here.

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