What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Serpent Cursed

This is why I love reading unknown indie authors. Every so often, you find someone right at the start of their career with a metric crap-tonne of talent.

OK, context!

A little while ago I got a copy of Raven Born by Bree Moore on a 99c sale. Shifter urban fantasy, seemed pretty par for the course. The cover was gorgeous and the blurb looked good so it edged up my TBR pile a little quicker than usual. (I’m biased and completely unapologetic!)

Right now I’m a little over halfway through Raven Born and I’ve already decided that I absolutely have to have book two. So, I went scouring Amazon for the next book in the series only to discover that book two is coming out soon, but not until August! *cue despairing screams*

But anyway, this is book two and has rocketed to the top of my TBR pile:

Becca Wood has been cursed by an ancient race.

And she’s running out of time to find a cure.

After a terrifying, unexpected transformation from woman to serpent, Becca finds herself in danger of being exterminated by the leader of a tribe of Raven-shifting people in Alaska. Even Quinn won’t be able to protect her from certain death, unless he convinces the tribe’s chief to set her free.

While imprisoned, Becca meets Avaan, a charming and handsome man from Lebanon who might be the answer to all of her problems – or the catalyst for them.

Can Becca find a cure for the curse of the Lamia before she destroys everyone she loves?

Harper King doesn’t remember. And she isn’t sure she wants to.

Haunted by the memories of her brother stolen by the Beryllium Orb and plagued by the mark of Lilith glowing in her skin, Harper follows Tyson’s magic-induced visions to Alaska.

Together, they search for the lost Raven tribe and Harper’s parents, something Harper has waited for her whole life. But the Eternal Source has other plans for them, and they are enlisted for a cause that will shake the world at its foundation if it succeeds.

And back at Camp Silver Lake, a dark force bides its time until it can be unleashed…

* * *

I have absolutely found a new author to put on my Top 10 list in Bree Moore. So far Raven Born is an amazing book and I can’t wait to get to the end – in a good way! I want to know what happens!

Couldn’t be more disappointed that I can’t get the second book straight away but Serpent Cursed is going right up to the top of my TBR pile the moment it comes out. The instant gratification of getting a new book in your e-reader is awesome. But there’s also something exciting about having pre-orders on the way and you can bet that I’ve pre-ordered this one.

Keep an eye out for my review of Raven Born later on this week!

Thanks for reading!

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