Harry Potter Bundle Giveaway

How long have we waited for a giveaway like this?

Harry Potter merchandise isn’t cheap. Replica wands alone are over £30 a pop these days and they aren’t going to get any cheaper. Besides the expense, Ravenclaw merchandise is super difficult to find. Before all this unpleasantness with J.K. Rowling, a Luna Lovegood Netflix spin-off series would have been great to give this Hogwarts house its dues.

My opinion on the matter of J.K.’s scandal is but a faint voice in a crowd but here’s my two cents. I fully support transgender people and nothing will change my mind on that. The hard part is letting go of someone you looked up to after they’ve lost your respect. I still feel her creations can spark joy but that ongoing love of the fandom is down to the Harry Potter community.

So, what’s up for grabs in this giveaway?

The noteable prizes in this giveaway are a Luna Lovegood keyring, a Hedwig plushie and a Honeydukes cup. But the motherlode here is the entire set of Harry Potter books 1-7 in a Hogwarts-style trunk!

As ever with Courtney’s giveaways, all you have to do is answer a question to enter. Plus, you can get yourself more entries by sharing, liking, commenting etc. Full Ts&Cs are on the website.

To enter this giveaway, go to Courtney’s website and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to read all the details!

Thanks for reading!

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