Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 3rd – 9th July 2020

After opening an unexpected parcel containing the North and South graphic novel, I admit I pressed pause on my current read. The first book in The Tarot Witches series would have to wait a day or two!

I’m really enjoying Caged Wolf by S.M. Reine but it just had to wait a while because North and South takes all of three hours to read. Plus, the Avatar: The Last Airbender series is one I’m forever dying to continue. Check out yesterday’s review for my full two-cents on this awesome graphic novel.

That, and I’ve got to catch up on my Goodreads challenge somehow. Throwing an easy read into the mix is a great way to make up for lost time. Updating the challenge on my page for a change might help though, now I think about it.

But for the first time in ages, I’m a little ahead of schedule on my reading and it feels lovely. Imposter syndrome has crippled me lately and while life is good, de-motivation and a sense of worthlessness are powerful forces. It’s times like this that the little things mean a lot.

On another happy note, I’m back into reading Caged Wolf and really enjoying it. But oh boy, the reviews weren’t lying. This book is filthy and in some really creative ways. I haven’t finished it yet so I have no idea where this story is going but I’m really hopeful it’s going to end with a bang. Much like S.M. Reine’s books tend to!

Last week on Twitter I posted a call-to-action for indie authors with paperbacks to showcase their books. I was looking for new reads in physical format because my goodness, if holding a new book you haven’t read yet isn’t the sweetest thing. I’m beginning to think that finding new indie authors, in the hope of getting addicted to their work, is becoming an addiction in itself.

It has happened a few times already, with the likes of Monique Martine, S.M. Reine, Kat Ross and most recently, Bree Moore. It’s exciting! Reading books that people are already raving about is great, because you know you’re about to read a good book (probably). But not knowing and then discovering that the book is amazing brings a whole new dimension to the experience. An experience that is proving to be super addictive.

On that note, while I’m fresh out of book budget for paperbacks after my run on Twitter last week, I’m still looking for new urban fantasy books. If you have any recommendations, whether it’s a book you just closed the back page on or one you’ve loved for ages, I want to know!

Comment with your favourite urban fantasy and paranormal romance books and I’ll check them out. Given that I’m on a bit of a book buying spree lately, the chances of me getting it are pretty high. At this rate, it’s likely to carry on until 2021, so you’ve got time. Show me them books!

Thanks for reading!

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