What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Baptism of Fire

I’m still finding my way around Twitter.

By that I mean several things: firstly, that I don’t know how to construct a decent tweet to save my life. I tweeted something about feminism once that really took off but I’ve never managed the same with anything book-related. Secondly, that the trending hashtags are so distracting that it’s a wonder I ever get off there. It’s like a labyrinth of scandal and entertainment.

But the other day I tweeted that I was on the lookout for new paperbacks to read and people started popping up to recommend their books. I love this method of finding books. It’s just not the same on Facebook, where people post dirty links to their memoir in the comments of a post asking for action thriller recommendations. Authors seem to be on their game on Twitter.

This was the first time I asked for book recommendations on Twitter and it certainly won’t be the last. I bought a whole bunch of awesome books, some in paperback, some in e-book (when I ran out of book budget!) and here’s one I’m really looking forward to:

“Welcome to Perdition Falls, New York: where arson is considered a recreational activity, the abnormally hot climate makes everything unbearable, and according to one origin story shrouded in myth and legend, our city is an actual Hellmouth. I’ve learned those infernal tales aren’t just a cheap marketing ploy to lure in tourists and paranormal frauds. It’s Hell.

We’re literally sitting on top of Hell. Fire, brimstone, actual demons—the works. When an incendiary—the name other pyromancers have given to the infestation of Hellfire-wielding demons—kills my closest friend and fellow firefighter, I’m left with a rare power I barely understand. It’s the only reason I survived. It also makes me a target, something to be coveted by those who know Perdition Falls’ most dangerous, well-kept secrets.

While a demonic arsonist puts the city’s resident pyromancers on edge, I’m reunited with my long-lost childhood friend Javier, who shares the same strange power that runs through my veins. With him, I find my footing in a place I thought I knew and buried memories from our past start to resurface.

As our ragtag group comes together, we become the last defense against the incendiaries’ corrupt hold on the city…one completely disastrous mission at a time. But taking down this homicidal demon with a flair for pyromania might mean trusting one of their own.”

* * *

I know there’s a lot of long sentences in this blurb and honestly, it was actually one big block of text. (I may have cut it up into paragraphs). Also, the change of POV at the end of the blurb made me look twice. It’s a bit of a red flag but I wanted to give this one a chance and here’s why.

Blurbs are a creature all of their own. Blurb writing should be another exercise in writing but it’s not. It’s a sales pitch and authors aren’t always great at that. I know I struggle sometimes! So, while I feel like I’m taking a bit of a gamble, I’m happy to take it. The story looks really interesting and it’s a very unusual premise.

In a few weeks, I’ll find out exactly what’s going down in New York!

Thanks for reading!

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