Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 10th – 16th July 2020

I’d almost forgotten what the outside world was like but I’m finally on holiday!

It isn’t quite a sandy beach in a tropical country but it’s close. This week, me and my husband decided to finally stray away from home now the pandemic restrictions have lifted, to visit my in-laws up north. No work, plenty of books and maybe just a little bit of sunbathing in the garden.

We’ve been toying with the idea of leaving the house for something other than groceries for a little while now. Usually, we just agree it’s safer to stay inside in case of a second wave. But, while things are calming down a bit, we’ve decided it’s a good time to go and see the family. Just in case we start to see another spike in the next few months.

After the great start to The Tarot Witches series (check yesterday’s review!), I’ve decided with all this free time, I’m going to start the next one. Forbidden Witches is already underway and it’s just as awesome as Caged Wolf!

Unfortunately still waiting on the paperbacks I ordered on account of the free delivery. (I just can’t justify paying for it to arrive sooner when there’s so much on my TBR pile already). But my e-reader is nice and portable and has whole series on it, there’s no way I’m running out of material this week. Even if I do, one-click is a thing.

On a writing note, I have finished two bonus scenes for my magic academy novel “A Druid’s Secret.” We’re officially prepared for an August release. The manuscript is finished and off for formatting, ready for ARC readers in the next few weeks. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the actual date of release.

Also, look out for the new release feature for “A Druid’s Secret” in the run-up to release day!

For now, while I’m waiting for the manuscript to come back, I’m going to sit back and do some relaxing. Maybe this time off will be just what my Goodreads challenge needs to get back on track.

Thanks for reading!

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