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Forbidden Witches – Book Review

Title: Forbidden Witches

Author: S.M. Reine

Genre: Urban fantasy/Erotica

Rating: Four stars

* * This book has explicit sexual content * *

“In a week, straight A student and total good girl Leah Todd is supposed to graduate with her bachelor’s degree. Then she receives a mysterious tarot card in the mail and everything changes.

The tarot card seems to serve as a VIP ticket into a show by a metal band called The Forbidden. She’s never heard of them before, but the instant she lays eyes on the lead singer, Rage, she knows that she’s much more than a fan. She’s found where she needs to be.

Weirder still, the band agrees. They’ve been waiting for a tarot witch like Leah to save Graham, a dying werewolf, by mating with him. The problem is that Leah’s not a witch, she doesn’t believe in magic, and she quickly falls for the wrong werewolf. But Donne doesn’t seem to return the feelings. In fact, he might kind of hate her.

As high priest of his coven, Rage has solutions for Leah. All she needs to do is surrender her life to the coven, the werewolf pack…and to him.”

* * *

My Review

Wow, and I thought book one was steamy.

Forbidden Witches is book two in the Tarot Witches series. (The review for book one, Caged Wolf is a-right here). Forbidden Witches introduces us to Leah Todd, a young woman who is about to earn her bachelor’s degree with straight-As. She’s a good, Mormon girl who has trouble swearing on her worst days.

So when she receives what her best friend Chad believes is an exclusive, VIP invite to a concert by the band The Forbidden, she isn’t so eager to go. Metal bands aren’t her thing and neither are parties but Chad encourages her to let her hair down and finally have some fun.

After actually enjoying the concert with the band’s “groupies”, Leah meets Donne, one of the road crew and feels an instant connection. After the concert, Leah is all but kidnapped by the band and taken to their home in Los Angeles. They tell her she is a Tarot Witch and that she is important to the survival of one of their coven, Graham. Graham has been a werewolf for over twenty years and that takes its toll on a man’s sanity and control. Worse still, Leah has no idea how she can help.

S.M. Reine always gives her characters voices that really immerse you in the story and this book was no exception. Leah is a bit of a wallflower who fears anything outside her bubble. So a heavy metal concert with an orgy in the tour bus afterwards is entirely out of her comfort zone.

I identified with Leah a lot as an introvert whose grand ideas of excitement and experimentation are often tinged with doubt. Thankfully, though, Leah didn’t let this stop her (with Chad’s encouragement).

The rock-band and witch coven mix was intriguing to say the least. The band and the groupies are practicing witches and werewolves while also being casual lovers who party together at every gig. They live a fast-paced lifestyle and while Leah struggles with that to start with, she really starts to get into while still staying true to herself.

There is an odd dynamic in this book though and it’s brought up by a lot of reviewers on Amazon. Leah is kept at the band’s home against her will and they’re transparent about the fact that they want to use her to save Graham. Their plans for her and their keeping her in their home doesn’t come across as sinister, just desperation on the part of the band. But it does make you wonder if you should be concerned for Leah.

I also didn’t necessarily think Leah and Donne were that right for each other. They have the capacity to bring out the best in each other but their initial encounters were bully-ish. Hopefully their relationship will develop into something better for the both of them later on.

This book is very sexual, much more so than Caged Wolf, so this is something to consider when deciding if this book is for you. Plenty of Amazon reviewers were surprised by how raunchy it was and gave their two cents in several one star reviews. Bad form, reviewers, bad form.

All in all, this was a great follow-up to Caged Wolf and we even see Ofelia and Cooper from book one right at the end. This is an awesome next step into the Tarot Witches series and I can’t wait to read book three!

If you want to check out Forbidden Witches for yourself, here’s the Amazon link.

Thanks for reading!

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