Christmas in July Giveaway

If you were secretly wishing we should have two Christmasses a year, I’ve got some good news for you. We’re having a mini Christmas in July celebration!

Christmas in July is an e-book fair featuring a smorgasbord of urban fantasy and paranormal romance titles. The best part: they are all temporarily on sale for 99c/99p.

It actually gets better. My book Scorpio’s Grace is a part of this book fair and is also on sale. You can check out the e-book fair at this link if it sounds like your thing. (Or you just want to get one of my books at discount price!)

But we’re not here to talk about that, let’s chat about the giveaway.

Christmas in July is also hosting a giveaway as well as the e-book fair and there’s lots of prizes up for grabs. As well as a $40 Amazon gift card, there are also three audiobooks and over a dozen e-books in the giveaway bundle.

The link to the giveaway is a-right here if you want to be in with a chance!

Just know that although the conditions of the giveaway are that you will be put onto the newsletter of the participating authors in the e-book fair, I will not be putting any entrants to the giveaway on my newsletter list. That’s not how I get my subscribers. If you want in on my newsletter, you can sign up through the pop-up on The Secret Library website or through my landing page.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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