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A Druid’s Secret – New Release

I’m over the moon to officially present one of my own new releases this week!

A Druid’s Secret is a paranormal academy novel I wrote to include in the Darkness Rising boxed set earlier this year. This boxed set managed to get a place on the USA Today Bestseller list back in April and earned us our USA Today letters!

The boxed set was only for sale until the middle of May and after it came off sale, we were free to publish our novels on their own.

Instead of publishing it as-is, I decided I wanted to give a bit more to the awesome readers who already got A Druid’s Secret in the boxed set. So, I set about writing some bonus scenes as an extra gift to my readers.

Now, with bonus scenes written and everything in order, A Druid’s Secret is finally up for pre-order!

When myths emerge from the shadows, a druid’s dark powers are the key to unravelling a centuries-old secret.

Tabatha Blackwood can’t wield magic to save her life. Her spells backfire and her potions are only good for burning holes in the floor. Olkaster Academy, an elite magical school, is her only hope.

Her unique power to detect magical energy is the only thing that doesn’t get her into trouble, until she stumbles through a bewitched door in the castle dungeons. After witnessing untold horrors, Tabatha becomes embroiled in an ancient war between Olkaster’s two secret societies: the Skyseers and the Nightcasters.

The mysterious and dashing Leo Calhoun is determined to help keep Tabatha out of trouble. Yet, the further they are sucked into the societies’ ever-growing tensions, the more Tabatha realises there is more to his past than he is willing to admit.

When Tabatha discovers that her abilities could tip the balance of power between the two societies, she must decide where her loyalties lie. But if this druid’s secret falls into the wrong hands, her powers, her future and even Olkaster itself might not survive to see next semester.”

* * *

Writing Tabatha was an absolute joy. It was so heartening to watch her enter Olkaster Academy as a shy, self-doubting young woman and for her adventures to show her just how capable she is.

A Druid’s Secret is the first book in the Olkaster Academy series with two more in the pipeline. Right now I’m focusing on releasing Scorpio’s Virtue in a few months time but Olkaster is next on my list to revisit!

A Druid’s Secret is currently up for pre-order wide, so it’s available on all major publishing platforms. The pre-order price for A Druid’s Secret is 99c but once its released on 15th August, it goes up to $2.99, so make sure to order your copy before release day!

Here’s the universal link for A Druid’s Secret – don’t forget to pre-order as soon as possible to get it at the pre-order price!

Thanks for reading!

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