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3 Occasions You Need Coffee Over Tea

Last week we had a natter about the times we need tea instead of coffee.

If that sounds absolutely crazy to you, it’ll make more sense if you read last week’s post at this link here. Honestly, some days it sounds crazy to me too!

The good news is, if you’re a coffee addict, I’m about to give you three good reasons to drink it. In my opinion, Anxious Authors need a combination of the two. Too much tea and we’ll run out of energy. Too much coffee and we’ll be a hot mess by 11am. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Like it or not, coffee is usually a staple in an Anxious Author’s life and it comes in handy during the most trying times. While you’re deciding whether to make a fruit tea or a coffee, bear this list in mind: here are the three occasions we need coffee instead of tea.


Anxious Authors don’t always get breaks when asleep. Some nights our brains are still going a million miles an hour and wear us out with action-packed dreams. By the time we wake up, we hardly feel like we’ve slept at all. Cue coffee!

Sometimes it feels like we’re being taxed for being naturally creative, so it’s only right we can compensate with caffeine. Without question, morning coffee is one of the best ways to kick-start our productivity.

When daydreams > work done

Writing isn’t always as easy as just sitting down and doing it. So often, we Anxious Authors find our minds wandering more often than we’re actually putting words down.

Usually these daydreams are about what we’re writing but it’s not quite as productive as actually writing it. Whenever this happens, I put the kettle on. It’s a bit hit and miss but often enough, a big mug of coffee can help keep us focused enough to whack out a few solid chapters.

Beat those daydreams with caffeine!

When you’re on a hot streak

OK, let’s say we’re on a productivity streak. We’ve written seven chapters and we’re beginning to flag but we have a tonne of words still left in us. It’s coffee time!

We might feel tempted to take a break at this point. We’ve written so much, we deserve to have a rest. Yes, yes we do and it’s totally an option. But these hot streaks don’t come around every day and if you want to take full advantage, grab that coffee mug.

While coffee is basically a magic wake-up potion, it isn’t the solution to every problem. The good news is, these are three instances in which we can absolutely utilise coffee!

Thanks for reading!

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