Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 31st July – 6th August

Two books were read this week.

It’s only impressive if I don’t mention that one of them was a library edition graphic novel. It took me hours to read, on account of it being a short story and incredibly engaging.

This week I finished Summer Court (check out the review here) and Imbalance, an Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novel (review next week). Two very different stories but both books I’ve been dying to read.

Now, I’ve found myself at a bit of a crossroads. What do I read next?

It feels like now is the best time to start reading one of my recently ordered paperbacks, as I’ve got a bit more time to spare in between reviews now. Thanks to Avatar! It’s going to be strange reading a physical book again after so long reading e-books. Where did I even leave my bookmark?

This is an exciting week because I’m preparing for the release day of A Druid’s Secret which comes out on 15th August (check it out here at its 99c pre-order price if you haven’t already!)

I’ve already gotten more than double the pre-orders for this book than I did with my last release and it really gives me hope for my writing future. Starting out as an indie author has its challenges, especially when there is so much competition out there. But after less than a year since my debut novel (Scorpio’s Grace) hit the shelves, I legitimately feel like I’m getting somewhere. Or at the very least taking the next step in my journey.

This week hasn’t just been about preparing for A Druid’s Secret but also getting stuck into draft two of Scorpio’s Virtue, the sequel to Scorpio’s Grace. Did I also mention I’m planning a new series? It’s a busy time, make no mistake.

But the busier I am with reading and writing, the more I feel like I’m really living the life I want to live. These are the activities I want to fill my life with and to hopefully make a living from. Twelve months ago, I couldn’t have believed I’d ever fit my reading, writing and my day job into a tiny twenty-four hour window yet somehow, it’s happened.

It’s been a week of productivity and reflection. It’s lovely when the two of them cooperate so beautifully like this.

Next week I’m going to get stuck in to my physical books, no matter how strange it might feel and have a nostalgic reading experience! Oh, and A Druid’s Secret gets released, too – can’t forget about that!

Thanks for reading!

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