Forerunner Release Giveaway

Norse mythology has its own giveaway with this one!

To celebrate the release of the next book in the Forerunner series, Courtney Cannon is hosting a giveaway. Will there be Funko Pops? Keep reading to find out!

(Who are we kidding? There are definitely Funko Pops)

Up for grabs in this giveaway is a Skyrim’s Nord Funko Pop, a signed paperback copy of books one and two in the Forerunner series, a drinking horn, a Viking board game and a Mjolnir pendant!

Basically everything you need to be a hardcore Viking bookworm is in this giveaway and if that’s not bad-ass I don’t know what is.

This giveaway is business as usual for Courtney which means you need to go to her website to enter. Answer a question, complete a few tasks (which you can do daily if you so desire) to gain more entries and keep your fingers crossed!

This is the link to the giveaway on Courtney’s website, so give it a click if this look like your kind of giveaway.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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