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Glimpses of Time & Magic Blog Tour

Two posts in one day? Whaaaat?

I know it’s unusual but today as well as a book review I’m plugging the anthology A Glimpse of Time and Magic as part of their book tour!

Glimpses of Time and Magic is an anthology that combines historical events with magic. What if all the biggest events in history were caused by magical people?

Take a look:

“We know the stories from history we’ve heard since childhood, but what if behind the tales there were magical secrets desperate to be revealed?

Pompeii was a tragedy the world will never forget, but what really caused the volcanic eruption that ended it all? Why was the great sword Excalibur really destroyed? The rolling hills of Victorian England seem peaceful enough, but what secrets really lurk there?

And would it surprise you that there are darker secrets in Ancient Rome than people ever dreamed? If the Great Fog of London isn’t what it seems? You think you know Harry Houdini, but do you know the man behind all the tricks?

And what if the mystery of Roanaoke runs deeper than you could ever imagine? Could Ireland’s potato famine really be caused by a mage gone mad? What if a ghost ship off the coast of England was more than a phantom?”

* * *

I was surprised to learn that this anthology is actually available in paperback as well as e-book. Which is even more awesome considering that this anthology is only available for another five months or so. That means it’s completely possible to own a limited edition book that will never again be possible to own by the end of the year!

All proceeds of Glimpses of Time and Magic go to the Feed My Starving Children charity which speaks for itself. It’s an amazing cause and well worthy of donations, especially in exchange for a book!

If this looks like your cup of tea, you can get Glimpses of Time and Magic on Amazon at this link a-right here.

Thanks for reading!

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