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Imbalance – Book Review

Title: Imbalance

Author: Faith Erin Hicks et al.

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Five stars

Aang faces a decision from which there is no return!

When Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph return to Earthen Fire Industries–the factory owned by Toph’s father–Aang is surprised when their arrival is met with a cold shoulder. As soon as the team is asked for help at a business council meeting, the reason for the slight becomes clear: a massive bender-versus-non-bender conflict has gripped the town and is threatening to turn violent. In order to heal the divide and save the town, Aang and the team will all face tough decisions about power and identity that could tear them apart.”

* * *

My Review

Imbalance is the latest installment in the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novel series.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll already know that I’m a major fan of the Avatar TV series and all its follow-on graphic novels. I’ve already reviewed The Promise, The Search, The Rift, Smoke & Shadow and North & South and absolutely loved them all!

North & South was supposed to be the last library edition to be released of the Avatar’s adventures but luckily, the creators found new illustrators and writers prepared to do yet more projects. Thus, Imbalance was born and hopefully many more library editions to come.

Imbalance follows Aang back to Toph’s father’s industrial business in Cranefish city (see The Rift for the full back-story). Conflicts are breaking out between benders and non-benders as technology is evolving and making the skills of benders as good as obsolete.

As the Avatar, Aang is responsible for bringing balance between them. But as he soon discovers, the conflict has even diseased the political structure in Cranefish town and tensions are about to erupt. With the livelihoods of ordinary people trying to go about their lives at risk, Aang has the extraordinary task of protecting them all while a war is about to break out around them.

The characters have aged through the series of library edition graphic novels and they, especially Aang, have reached peak maturity here. By now, they’re pros at saving the world but they are up against the most cunning set of lady villains who are wickedly intriguing.

The mysteries are unpredictable, the action is fierce and the story is unputdownable! It definitely helps to have read the first five graphic novels or at very least, The Rift because the context is fairly rooted in past events. If you aren’t familiar with the world at all, watch the Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix! That series is beautiful.

There’s not too much more I can say about this book without giving away major spoilers but it was truly entertaining. The characters are all consistent and lovable but developing at such a crazy rate. The story is, as ever, full of conflict and life lessons that should resonate within our own spheres of reality.

I really hope they carry on making these library editions of the graphic novels because my bookshelf is building up quite a collection!

Imbalance has earned itself The Secret Library Recommended Reads seal!

If you want to check out Imbalance for yourself, here’s the Amazon like a-right here.

Thanks for reading!

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