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It’s Release Day For A Druid’s Secret!

The big day has arrived!

My paranormal academy novel A Druid’s Secret releases today! This novel has a special place in my heart because this is the book that earned me my USA Today Bestseller status.

Back in April, A Druid’s Secret was put together with lots of other novels into the Darkness Rising boxed set which hit the USA Today Bestseller list at 121. It was an amazing day and as soon as I’d stopped freaking out over it, I decided I wanted A Druid’s Secret put out into the world as its own novel.

I fretted a lot over this book while writing it. Imposter syndrome kicked my butt, especially because I was collaborating with so many established authors, many of whom already had bestseller statuses. I had no idea if A Druid’s Secret was going to hold its own on account of me having written it.

But when the reviews came in, I felt just a smidge better!

For the sake of everyone who was kind enough to buy A Druid’s Secret in the Darkness Rising boxed set, I’ve also included two bonus scenes to the story. Tabatha and Leo get that much closer in one of these scenes!

If you haven’t heard me shouting about A Druid’s Secret from the rooftops already, here’s what it’s all about:

“When myths emerge from the shadows, a druid’s dark powers are the key to unravelling a centuries-old secret.

Tabatha Blackwood can’t wield magic to save her life. Her spells backfire and her potions are only good for burning holes in the floor. Olkaster Academy, an elite magical school, is her only hope.

Her unique power to detect magical energy is the only thing that doesn’t get her into trouble, until she stumbles through a bewitched door in the castle dungeons. After witnessing untold horrors, Tabatha becomes embroiled in an ancient war between Olkaster’s two secret societies: the Skyseers and the Nightcasters.

The mysterious and dashing Leo Calhoun is determined to help keep Tabatha out of trouble. Yet, the further they are sucked into the societies’ ever-growing tensions, the more Tabatha realises there is more to his past than he is willing to admit.

When Tabatha discovers that her abilities could tip the balance of power between the two societies, she must decide where her loyalties lie. But if this druid’s secret falls into the wrong hands, her powers, her future and even Olkaster itself might not survive to see next semester.”

* * *

To celebrate the release of A Druid’s Secret, me and several authors friends are having a party on the Naughty N Nice Book Event group on Facebook. There’s going to be lots of fun stuff including giveaways, freebies and lots of book talk by bestselling urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, come and join us at this link a-right here! The party starts in an hour and we’d love to have you.

A Druid’s Secret has been up for pre-order for a few weeks at 99c and today is the LAST DAY that it is available for that price. As of tomorrow, it goes up to $3.99. So today is the day to get this book!

Here is the universal link to all the platforms on which you can find A Druid’s Secret, because it’s gone wide!

I hugely appreciate all the support you’ve given me so far in my author journey and really hope you’ll join us at the party today. If not, I hope you get the chance to enjoy A Druid’s Secret!

Thanks for reading!

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