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3 Things To Remember When Your Day Job Interrupts Your Dreams – The Anxious Author

I’m a millennial. When I was a kid I was told I could be whatever I wanted. One recession and a pandemic later, my college education is worth jack and surprise, we have another recession on the way. Oh, and the media loves to crap on my generation whenever they’ve run out of big news to report.

Despite all of this, I’m grateful for my life. The world is experiencing incredibly rapid change and it’s during times of hardship that we turn to our dreams for comfort. Even though lots of things are out of our reach like, you know, homeowner-ship, lots of things are possible now that just weren’t back when economies were stable. Pretty sure that was the 90s.

Publishing books, opening online craft shops, selling artwork around the world. It’s all possible these days. Everything we loved to do as kids, that gave us passion and fire are now possible to do as actual occupations. Making money and even cultivating a career out of what we love doing.

You know what I’m talking about, if you’re an Anxious Author like me!

Problem is, starting out when hundreds of thousands of people are trying to do the same thing is difficult. Which is why we need a day job to help us invest in ourselves and the career we want to cultivate. We might love these jobs or they could be the bane of our lives but either way there are going to be times when they slow down the progress we wish were making on our passion projects.

Some days, this lack of project can really get our spirits down and it’s times like this that we need to remember some very important things:

Even a little progress is progress

This is especially important to remember if you’re working a full-time job and doing your passion project after clocking out. Lord help you if you also have kids – this officially makes you a superhero.

If you have done even one thing towards your aspiring career today then you have taken a step closer to your end goal. It might not feel like you’ve even inched closer to handing in your notice but you have. If you’re not in the habit of taking a second to appreciate even the smallest steps you’ve taken, try and make it so. It’ll make the harder days that much easier.

Our day jobs are us investing in ourselves

It might feel like our day jobs have nothing to do with the careers we’re working on but they play a big part in making it a reality. Our day jobs are part and parcel of the process to personal success. When we go to our day jobs and work our butts off, we are creating financial investments for our passion projects.

When we’re being screamed at by the 100th customer of the day, remember that it’s paying for a future that will one day be ours. When we get there, all the horrors (if there are any) will be far behind us and hopefully, will stay in the past for good.

Nothing worth having comes easy

It’s a cliche but it’s a motto to live by during the hardest times of making dreams happen. Not only are hard times inevitable but they actually make the end result more satisfying. There’s nothing better than reaching a major milestone in our passion projects and looking back six months or a year and seeing how far we’ve come.

Sometimes using the hard times to motivate us is the best way to use the difficulties we come across in our day jobs. One way or the other, if we keep going even if we lose faith in ourselves and our journey, we will get to our ideal destination!

Thanks for reading!

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