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Reading Round-Up: 28th August – 3rd September 2020

Holidays are few and far between these days thanks to the pandemic. Even though I’d love to jet off somewhere exciting this year, there are benefits to having a year at home. Staying indoors for six months at a time has made me really appreciative of the small excursions away from home.

In the next few weeks me and my husband are going back to our homeland to visit family. Having time away from home really takes the pressure off my insane to-do list and allows for a little bit of relaxation. And relaxation means reading!

I’my lucky my TBR pile is stacked higher than ever right now so there’s plenty to choose from. Right now I’m mid-way through The Faelti by Rachel Pudsey and it’s long overdue. I read and reviewed the first book in this series The Watcher of the Night Sky over a year ago and completely forgot to get books two and three until recently.

The Watcher of the Night Sky is a great start to a fantasy series by a really talented (and lovely) indie author. I should have carried on this series ages ago!

I’ve been making small changes to watch less TV and read more which is a harder habit to break since the pandemic began. There’s so much good stuff urban fantasy and supernatural TV and movies to watch these days – Cursed and Project Power are just a few awesome shows I’m finding it difficult to say no to.

That’s what I really miss about going on a good old fashioned holiday. You don’t worry about watching TV because you’re there to do something different. Reading is the holiday activity you use to wind down after a long day of excitement. When this virus has cleared off for good, it’ll be the best feeling in the world to kick back on the beach with another awesome read.

Wherever you are during this pandemic, I hope you at least have a good book for company!

Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “Reading Round-Up: 28th August – 3rd September 2020”

  1. I’ve been re-watching Once Upon a Time on Disney+ and reading at the same time because i want to do both xD i wouldn’t do it with shows I haven’t watched before in case i miss anything though


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