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3 Energy Boosting Activities For An Over-Exerted Author – The Anxious Author

Anxiety does things to a person, author or not. On bad days stimulus can be particularly overwhelming or we jump every time the fridge starts humming. It’s not a fun disorder, if we’re being honest even if it does give us superpowers sometimes.

Anxiety can be draining to deal with and our energy reservoirs deplete a little faster than authors without anxiety. Anxious Authors are kind of like Pokemon Go when it first launched. It had you running around after all kinds of interesting things at lightning speed but boy, did it run down your battery.

The most ambitious Anxious Authors have trouble knowing when to stop. When we experience that “low battery” feeling, we’re so used to it that we feel like we should power through. I can’t stress enough that there will come a time that we just need a break and it’s our responsibility to figure out when that is. But if we’re raring to go, there are a few things we can do to give ourselves the energy top-up we need:


I know how this sounds. Clearing our minds is a tough task and sometimes meditation can feel too much like a new-age practice that has little to no effect. I was once a sceptic too.

If my mind is all over the place and the inner frenzy is draining my energy, I’ll whack on a YouTube meditation video. Even if my thoughts are going too fast to actually bolster my energy levels, meditation does a great job of slowing them down. At the very least meditation can make sure that we don’t burn out before lunch.

Listen to instrumental music

This is great for focus as well as an energy boost. My tool for this is the “Movie Soundtracks & Cinematic Music (Classical & Instrumental) on Spotify. It’s a great selection of lyric-less music that puts you in the zone while simultaneously calming you.

There are plenty of resources to achieve this same effect on YouTube. Study music, my favourite being the Chillstep mixes, are all over YouTube. They are designed to get the best out of us while giving us the drive to maximise our productivity. If you can find your favourite and keep it accessible, you’ll always have a way to achieve your daily goals.

Do some colouring/doodling

There’s something about creating things that gives us Anxious Authors a buzz. Hell, if we weren’t hardcore creatives, we probably wouldn’t need this list so badly. Colouring and doodling are simultaneously mindless and productive. We don’t have to do much to create them but once we have we feel more at peace and like we have achieved something. Even if it’s just a small feeling of accomplishment.

Some people have compared colouring to meditating and it has definitely grown popular amongst adults in the last few years. So if meditating is too much of an ask of our brains, colouring might be a simpler way of settling our frenzied minds. If nothing else, it gives us a great excuse to buy some pretty new coloured pens.

Thanks for reading!

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