What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Sinister Magic

All those promises of reading more last week got lost in birthday parties, BBQs and drunken photo-shoots that will never see the light of day. Never.

Reading has been my only escape from the confines of lock-down for so long that I forgot what normal felt like. This weekend we went to visit family for a birthday and while it’s the second social visit we’ve made since the beginning of 2020, it was the most liberating. We had no cares this weekend. No worries, no responsibilities, just an awesome time and the distant anticipation of a hangover that never came. (Maybe I’m not as old as I feel!)

So while I feel a little bad that my reading flew under the radar this weekend, it’s fair to say that what came in its place was something I needed far more. A smidge of normality.

Now we are back in our tiny London flat and back to normality. Naturally, this has gotten me looking at all the new books I need to read in the coming months! Escapism is the ultimate coping mechanism.

I’m Val Thorvald, and I’m an assassin.

When magical bad guys hurt people, I take care of them. Permanently.

This doesn’t make me popular with the rest of the magical community—as you can tell from the numerous break-ins and assassination attempts I’ve endured over the years. But thanks to my half-elven blood, a powerful sword named Chopper, and a telepathic tiger with an attitude, I’ve always been able to handle my problems with aplomb. Maybe some cursing and swearing, too, but definitely aplomb.

That changes when my boss is afflicted with a mysterious disease, a government agent starts investigating me, and a godforsaken dragon shows up in the middle of my latest job.

I’ve taken down vampires, zombies, and ogres, but dragons are way, way more powerful. And it doesn’t look like this one is going to like me.

Worse than that, he wants to use his magic to compel me to do his bidding, as if I’m some weak-minded minion.

That’s not going to happen. I’d die before being some dragon’s slave.

But if I can’t figure out a way to avoid him, save my boss, and get rid of the government spook, I’m screwed. Or dead. Or screwed and dead. And that’s never comfortable.”

* * *

I’ve heard such good things about Lindsey Buroker, especially after hearing her on The Creative Penn podcast a few times. So it’s about time I read something of hers, especially as she’s in my genre!

Lindsey is a great example of what to do right in indie publishing but on top of that, she seems like a lovely person. I mean, that doesn’t impact whether a book is awesome or not but it kinda helps your heart if the authors you like are nice people. I can’t wait to see what her books have in store!

Thanks for reading!

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