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Reading Round-Up: 4th – 10th September 2020

We’re living in a time when nothing seems real, so it’s easy to believe that everything is just a dream. Including the fact that it is now September.

I live in London, UK and in the last few months, almost the entire city has realised that they can work from home all the time. Nobody wants to go back to the office and our government is pleading with us to return to buy sandwiches and coffee from local businesses. But things are a little more drastic than failing coffee shops and sandwich stops.

Me and my husband decided to start looking for houses outside London because my husband can now work from home full time. In fact, his company have decided they might not ever rent an office again. Problem is, everyone else has had the same idea. We can’t so much as get a viewing for a house because the demand is not meeting supply. Londoners are literally fleeing the capital to escape the high rents and cost of living (yet still able to hold onto their gorgeous wage packets).

You might wonder what this has to do with reading and in truth, it has been a while since I’ve read a dystopian book. But seeing all this happen in front of my eyes has triggered images of a ghostly capital city where the foxes now rule, unchallenged. To say all this is inspiration for an author is an understatement and it’s a living, breathing novel to readers.

When the world changes so quickly around us, it’s easy to envision it’s just a work of fiction. Something we read or watched and now we’re letting our imaginations run wild. Maybe we’re in a coma and we’ll wake up and life will go on like it used to.

The latest book I’ve finished, The Faelti by Rachel Pudsey, is a sequel to A Watcher of the Night Sky which followed newly sixteen year old Abigail Crumble as her life is turned upside down. Wars are started, mysteries uncovered and heritages revealed. It’s a real time of discovery for Abigail and among the madness, she has to find it in her to adapt or die.

It’s a strong metaphor for what’s happening in our world right now (hopefully) but it has some parallels. Unexpected things happening beyond our control yet it’s our responsibility to rectify it (COVID – wear your masks, people! Better yet, stay indoors and read!) Our countries changing drastically as a result and now is the time to adapt, even though it will be difficult.

In the next week I’m going to finish Abigail’s story in the third book, Aaravale and hopefully her ending will be the same as ours: through all the strife and hurdles, we will prevail and in one piece!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Take a look here!

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