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3 Best Places for Anxious Authors to Read – The Anxious Author

Anxiety can wreak absolute havoc on our productivity. The plans we had for the week can be flushed down the toilet by a bad day and if you’re anything like me, this can have a knock-on effect for days.

Feelings of worthlessness can follow us around hand-in-hand with our to-do lists. When that happens, a small book break is needed to press reset on our brains. But to make sure we have a quality self-care sesh, we don’t just need the right cup of tea and lighting. Where we read can make all the difference when recovering from the bad days.

If you’re an Anxious Author who, like me, suffers from misophonia (a disorder where certain sounds cause trauma responses), this is especially important. Silence. Is. Golden.

To get ourselves back on track, we need to choose the right places to read and recuperate. Even though the sofa might seem like a good place, it might not give us the concentrated relaxation we really need. Here are a few places where Anxious Authors can really get their read on:

The Bath

OK, we might be living on the edge a little bit here.

Back in the stone age when I was a teenager (before the Kindle even existed), I dropped a lot of paperbacks in the bath. Thankfully, it was nothing a hairdryer couldn’t fix if you knew what you were doing. (Practice makes perfect!) This is less than ideal if you have an e-reader.

Thanks to all the new inventions out there right now, there are plenty of book holders to help us read in complete safety from water damage. Some of them will even hold your wine glass at the same time. What a beautiful age we live in.

Immersed in hot, bubbly water with a glass of whatever and our latest read is the ultimate relaxation technique. It’s an easy fact to forget if we have a tendency to choose showers over baths. Take the time to relax and the work we do later will be a testament to self-care.

In Bed

Isn’t there a chance we’ll fall asleep?

Yes, yes there is and we should embrace that. Naps are a self-care staple in any event but reading in bed, like in the bath, gives us the ultimate sense of comfort and security. If it feels like we’re doing nothing, good. It’s an essential feeling to recovery. No worries or responsibilities, just a comfy, quiet spot and a good book. Falling asleep is a bonus, but if you’re in the middle of a page-turner, I wouldn’t count on it.

The Library

Forget coffee shops, those places are louder than a fireworks display on bonfire night and just as unpredictable. I’m not talking about the libraries with kids areas either. Unless you have kids, they are a hot-bed of noise, especially on the weekends when events take place.

Find yourself a library that kids would get bored in. Academic libraries or churches-turned-libraries where silence is mandatory and crisp eating is strictly forbidden. (Oh man, why can’t every public place be like that?) Bathe in silence and peace to do some reading and maybe you’ll find inspiration to write. Take your notebooks with you, all twenty-seven of them, just in case!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I write urban fantasy books too? Check them out here!

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