What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Siren’s Call

The indie publishing world is in no short supply of books, that’s for sure. But diversity is in short supply and I’ve got my fingers crossed that indie publishing is going to open more doors for people from every background.

I read the work of a lot of white authors. I think I’ve said this before but the books I tend to read are written by white women. This isn’t something that happens on purpose and when I try to find books by black, asian and hispanic authors, it takes ages. Guys, where are you??

Here’s where I shout out the best books I’ve read that were written by black and asian authors: The Blue Devil by Quirah Casey and Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani were amazing reads. Now, I’ve snatched up a book written by Jessica Cage, who I stumbled across completely by accident and can’t wait to read:

A Siren for a mother, A Warlock for a father, and a Family tree that wants her dead…

Snatched off the street and drugged, Syrinada wakes strapped to a bed with a predator in the next room. At that moment, a side of her, she never knew existed emerges. While relieved to be free, she finds herself plagued by questions she can’t answer.

When Malachi—a longtime friend—witnesses her tapping into this unknown power, he steps in to help. Soon she realizes he knows far more about her heritage than he lets on. After diving into secrets of the past, mounting truths of fin and scales challenge everything Syrinada thought she knew.

Despite Malachi’s warning to stay hidden, the call of her newfound heritage is a strong one.

Can Syrinada deny her welling urges? Or will the ravenous darkness closing in consume her?

* * *

Like it or not, diversity is essential to a rich life and a broad mind. I want to know how everyone sees the world by reading slices of fiction bit by bit. I love to travel and learn about the world and everyone in it but at a time like this when staying inside is the best way to stay safe, reading does this best.

Let’s read everyone’s stories, cry, laugh and have our minds blown. (Don’t you love it when that happens?) Better yet, if you find yourself reading from the same demographics over and over, go and pick up a book from another. There’s magic to be found everywhere!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check mine out here!

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