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Aaravale – Book Review

Title: Aaravale

Author: Rachel Pudsey

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Five stars

“A single wish on the stars.

A journey to end a curse.

A land on the brink of destruction.

Abigail’s quest to end the curse on the stars and right the wrongs of her wish has far surpassed any preconceptions she held. Her quiet village life is over. She’s a princess, heir to the throne of Havenworth, and part-Fae with powers she doesn’t know how to control.

But war has begun, and the Faelti are winning. 

Aronia’s fate rests on Abigail and her friends uniting the three enemy kingdoms and taking a stand against the evil determined to destroy their land. To win this fight, Abigail must seize command of her new-found powers, accept the role she was born to have, and defeat the Faelti leader, Kai Sisu, before he takes everything.”

* * *

My Review

What an end to an amazing series!

I read book one, The Watcher of the Night Sky and book two, The Faelti before this one, book three and they were spectacular. Aaravale gave this series the action-packed ending it deserved and there were more than a few surprises!

The three kingdoms have fallen to the Faelti but Abigail’s enemy Kai Sisu has greater goals in mind. He plans to dominate every species and culture until he rules them all and to do that, he needs the power of aether: the magic that holds the world together.

Abigail must use the powers she has been granted by Levana, the watcher of the night sky, to defeat Kai Sisu. With the help of the men who have been cursed to love her against their will and the friends she has picked up along the way, Abigail must use everything she’s learned to save the world from Kai Sisu’s tyranny.

Aaravale has loads of action, plenty of awesome characters and so many unexpected revelations. I loved how the story spun out in a completely unpredictable way, which contributed a lot to the page-turner effect! One of these surprises (which I won’t reveal to avoid spoilers) really transformed the ending in the most wholesome way and it just worked so well.

There’s a big challenge in managing a story with so many characters and keeping them diverse but despite the packed-out cast, they are all wonderfully portrayed. In fact, the characters are really what makes this series. Who they are and how they interact bring this series to life so vividly.

Abigail really comes into her own as a new princess and in leading the attack against Kai Sisu. She transforms from a quiet young girl from a small village to a true leader in the biggest war the world has ever seen. Yet she doesn’t lose any of her character despite her transformation. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now, author Rachel Pudsey has a knack for characters.

The one thing I was expecting that didn’t materialise was tension between Abigail and Clay. If the curse is broken then would Clay still love Abigail? The answer is given to us quite casually and while it was the ending I was hoping for, there was a chance for more build up.

It’s so hard to gush about this book without spoiling anything so all I can say is that this series is an absolute must-read for fantasy fans.

Aaravale has earned The Secret Library Recommended Reads seal!

If you’d like to read this series I recommend reading books one and two, The Watcher of the Night Sky and The Faelti before this one. But if you’ve already read the first two, here’s the link to Aaravale.

Definitely check this series out if you’re a fantasy fan!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check mine out here!

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