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3 Things Every Anxious Author Needs In Their Writing Space – The Anxious Author

Having a good writing space is essential to productivity. Let’s face it, writing a book on a crowded train with your neighbour falling asleep on your shoulder is infinitely more difficult than a quiet office with birds tweeting outside.

As I’ve mentioned lately, I’m in the process of moving out of London to a quieter part of the country with a bit more space. The prospect of having my own office to write in is super exciting and I’m already dreaming up ideas to kit it out spectacularly.

Finding a corner (or if we’re lucky, a whole room) to dedicate to writing in our homes calls on our creative talents to decorate. To kit ourselves out with everything we need to become productive, hard-working authors. And of course, a long-awaited excuse to buy highlighters by the bargain bucket.

While we always have grand ideas for our spaces – like a personal library and an antique desk owned by Oscar Wilde himself – we sometimes have to reign in our dreams. If our budgets are modest and our spaces on the small side, there are a few essentials we need to consider in order to make the most of our spaces.

House Plants

Greenery creates a peaceful ambience. The presence of plants help with focus and relaxation, which is step one to getting words on paper. As Anxious Authors a sense of peace is even more essential. Frayed nerves are counter-productive and have us going off on all kinds of tangents. Having a house plant or two breathes life into your writing space.

Are you one of those people who takes house plants home to die? Get yourself a couple of succulents, cactuses or perhaps even a venus fly trap to catch those pesky critters. They’re a lot easier to maintain and need watering less frequently.

A Good Quality Chair

If your plan is to become full-time authors then you are going to spend a lot of time with your butt in your chair. Our backs, butts and necks will thank us if we invest in a quality chair with good lumbar support. Aging is a thing and it doesn’t need any encouragement.

Office chairs or if you’re feeling swish, executive chairs, are a good shout. If you’re looking to shake things up and start building up some muscle during your writing sessions, an exercise ball is also a good idea. Engage that core!

A Stationary Organiser

While I was tempted to encourage buying a good quality pen instead, a stationary organiser is actually a better idea. What’s the point in buying an awesome pen when we’ll inevitably lose it in our sporadic writing frenzies? All the highlighters we bought chewed up by the dog, our pen caps rolling away under the desk never to be found again. No, a stationary organiser is the way to go.

Get something, even if it’s just a really cool jar, to put all your stationary in. If it comes out, it goes back in again when we’re doing. No more spending an arm and a leg replacing things we lost in the heat of writing an epic battle or heart-melting love scene. If we get our stationary organised, we stand a chance at an organised writing life. Yes, it’s at least halfway possible!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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