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3 No-Screen Hobbies For Writers and Authors – The Anxious Authors

Most authors, not just Anxious Authors, are often told that their our writing is just a hobby. Something we do in our spare time alongside our traditional, better paying jobs to give our lives an extra dimension of fulfilment. For hobbyist authors, this sounds pretty accurate. But for those of us trying to make a living from our books and writing, it can knock our confidence just a little.

We are, after all, making a huge effort to do something life-changing. To forge a life for ourselves that we always dreamed of: to earn a living doing what we love. For many of us Anxious Authors, this isn’t casual. Not something we do to have fun but to turn into a permanent lifestyle. It’s the equivalent of calling college and internships hobbies. The building blocks of a traditional career are similar to becoming a full time author: they take a lot of time, effort and sometimes luck.

But having an actual hobby isn’t actually a bad plan. It might feel impossible juggling the demands of life, a job and building a writing career but that’s the beauty of a hobby: you sink as much time into it as you like/can. An hour here, five minutes there, it’s up to us!

Not only can having a non-screen related hobby actually help us de-stress but it allows us to say “actually, writing isn’t my hobby, this is.” Just so we can really put a “this is my second job” stamp on our writing.

Sure, screen hobbies can be relaxing and satisfying but there’s something pretty wholesome about having a hobby off-screen. With the suggestions in this post, these off-screen hobbies also allow us to create things without feeling like we have deadlines to meet.

Growing Your Own Plants

This doesn’t necessarily mean buying a ready-made plant to raise, although that’s an option. The ultimate satisfaction when you’re an amateur botanist is planting a seed in a little pot on your windowsill and watching it grow.

For casual gardeners, this hobby takes minimal time. All you need to do is remember to water your plants every so often, replant every six months or so and make sure they aren’t getting eaten by pests. But the pay-out is huge. There’s nothing quite like creating something from scratch and watching it become something big and beautiful with only a little help from you. If only writing books was that easy!

Colouring Books

Thank goodness this hobby isn’t just for kids anymore. Colouring is so therapeutic and I’ve heard some colouring enthusiasts compare it to meditating. Good news for anyone who physically can’t “clear their minds” on demand. (Do those people even exist?)

Not only is colouring a relaxing way to pass the time but it also provides excuses to buy pretty, colourful pens. Not to mention all the beautiful colouring books that are available now. These days you can colour in all the unicorns, fairies and magical creatures you could dream of!


This is the true hobby of Anxious Authors. Calligraphy is probably the most challenging hobby on this list but the satisfaction it gives tops the charts. The beautiful, colourful lettering that the experts achieve are pieces of artwork in themselves. (Check out some calligraphers on YouTube to see what I mean!)

Getting any good at calligraphy takes practice and you’ll make plenty of rubbish pieces before your lettering starts to look presentable. But this whole other facet of art that we can learn to create will surely be worth it. Whether you want to create inspirational messages to put out on the internet or just vent with some fancy, colourful expletives, calligraphy is a great creative outlet.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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