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Connected – Book Review

Title: Connected

Author: Kat Stiles

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: 3 Stars

First love, broken friendships, superpowers, and a killer on the loose. Who ever said high school is easy?

After walking away from the wrong side of a hit and run without a scratch, Em discovers she has an unusual ability. An ability that will change her life forever.

But she’s not the only one. Her best friend always seems to know what’s going to happen. And the bad boy transfer she’s crushing on can hear even the softest whispers.

Em begins to fall for the new boy, her first love. But just as they’re starting to date, Em’s overprotective sister interferes, threatening their budding romance.

A string of unexpected and suspicious deaths occur. Em and her friends are the only ones who know the victims died of something more sinister than natural causes. Can they track down the killer, or will Em be the next victim?”

* * *

My Review

Emily is an ordinary high school girl until she is hit by a car on her way home one night. But when she miraculously heals herself and walks away as if it never happened, she begins to suspect that she might actually be extra-ordinary. Her best friend, Roz, is the first to know and it isn’t until Emily speaks to the school nurse, Judy, that she learns just how magical she is.

Judy apparently has knowledge of magical powers and how they manifest in people, as does the latest transfer from another school, Tommy. Emily crushes hard on Tommy and before long, they’re dating, something she didn’t think possible. With the help of Judy and Tommy, Emily learns more about her powers and what she’s capable of, as well as uncovering Roz’s power: her ability to see into the future.

When deaths start occurring in their town, the mysterious Adam is their number one suspect. But it isn’t long before Judy and her boyfriend get involved that Emily and her friends think they might have gotten it wrong from the start.

I don’t want anyone thinking that because this is three stars that I didn’t enjoy it. It was a fun read with romance and annoying, overbearing sister thrown in. The characters were easy to get behind and the family conflict was a great addition.

There were two fairly big things that stopped me from enjoying this book to the fullest though. Firstly, I couldn’t really immerse myself in this book because there was very little setting detail. Sometimes it was difficult to figure out where the scene was taking place because one minute the characters would be in one place but two paragraphs later they were somewhere else on a different day.

Secondly, the action wasn’t prioritised. If someone died, or something major happened, it was mentioned casually between the characters. Even the action that happened right in front of their eyes lacked the detail needed to really make it pop. The only exception to this was the start of the book when Emily is hit by a car. That was pretty dramatic!

All round, Connected is an enjoyable read but it could definitely be much more with the detail it deserves.

If you want to check out Connected for yourself, here’s the Amazon link!

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