Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 2nd – 8th October 2020

Just like that, I’m back on a reading schedule!

What’s helped a great deal is my very first “weekend” in several weeks. I say “weekend” because Wednesday and Thursday are very much in the middle of the week but to have two days off my day job in a row is a rare thing indeed. To have no responsibilities on those days is rarer still.

So it’s a blessed relief to finally enjoy a few days in which I can just read, write and create without any interruptions. Except perhaps the landlord stopping by to fix a leaky roof – that’s probably going to find itself into one of my books one day. Immersion is all in the detail.

If you speak to an author about productivity, you’ll learn that many of us don’t feel that we get anything done at all. Never mind if we’ve written a whole book in a day, there’s always plenty more to do. I consider myself very lucky that I had one day a few weeks ago when I felt particularly productive. It was the first time I was blessed with the feeling in the whole of 2020 and I’m almost certain it will be the last until 2027.

Perhaps it’s the end of the year approaching that’s made me feel more determined to get ahead in writing so I can quit my job. While I enjoy the active nature of my day job, it’s not what I want to do for the rest of my life. So, in my mind, my daily productivity determines how soon I get to hand in my notice.

Rightly or wrongly, I also hold my reading to those productivity standards. Not only to get books read weekly for The Secret Library but to assist my own writing. I promise, it is actually relaxing even though it sounds like it’s just more work. But everything feels more productive if you put goals on the end of it and hey, I won’t say no to that feel-good situation.

While we’re still trying to move house, the likelihood of that happening this year has shrunk almost to zero. We really thought we had a chance with the second house we looked at but according to the landlord, she preferred older tenants. Nice, thanks for that.

Putting the search aside for a few more months and waiting until after Christmas gives me a chance to really focus on my work for a little while longer. Without needing to worry about how we’re going to get our stuff out of the big city to our new place. Sure, it’s noisy and sometimes dangerous, but this has been our home for years now. What’s a few more months? It’ll all feel worth it when it finally happens.

I have these grand ideas of super-productivity when we move somewhere quieter, to a place where I have my own office and I’m not just sat on the sofa or the bed to write. It’ll help, no question, but it’s not going to turn me into a machine (more’s the pity). The important thing when we’re on personal missions like this is to have some faith in where we’re going, even if it feels like we’re stuck on a treadmill. Even on treadmills, we’re still getting stronger and faster.

As we head towards a very Covid-19 Christmas, we need to keep our goals on centre stage. Things might not be as we’d like them to be right now but keeping ourselves on track will lead to good things when we’re out the other side. We got this!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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