Urban Fantasy Boxed Set Giveaway

I knew this would happen one day. My giveaway reservoir has run dry! Courtney Cannon is winding down her giveaways for the end of the year and because of the current world situation, giveaways aren’t as easy to find as they were. So, I’ve come up with an alternative and that’s showcasing some free books/boxed sets instead!

This week’s giveaway will feel more like a giveaway than a free book on account of the enormity of this boxed set:

During the Witching Hour, anything is possible….

Escape into a collection of eleven magical worlds from NY Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors! Witches and wizards roam the pages, along with psychics, fae, vampires, shifters, and more. This boxed set weaves a spell that will enchant you from the very first page!

The Witching Hour boxed set includes these eleven full-length, first-in-series paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels.”

* * *

There are eleven urban fantasy paranormal romance books in this set and they’re all first in the series. Which means there are dozens of sequels in the pipeline! Have I just opened your own personal Pandora’s Book Box and you fear for not just your book budget but your notebook budget too? I apologise for nothing.

There’s a whole host of supernatural creatures in this set. So if you’re like me right now and have no idea which species you want to obsess over next, this is a good shout. Personally, I’m leaning back towards vampires a little but that could be because I’m writing a vampire romance novel right now. I’m still not done with fairies though, either!

This boxed set is currently free on Amazon but I don’t know how long this will be the case so if you’re interested, get it right now in case that changes! Here’s the link to the set on Amazon, enjoy!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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