What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: The Pearl King

My husband and me are in limbo. We are confirmed to move into our new house in a month’s time but for now we are still holed up in our little London flat. There’s been talk of packing but it’s just not soon enough. Goodness knows, I’m not going to put all my beautiful books away for a whole month.

The prospect of space for more bookcases is making me want to invest in some paperbacks. I only buy paperbacks of books I really enjoy, for that sense of permanence and tangibility. Occasionally I make exceptions for the buzz of a gamble, which really paid off when I bought Baptism of Fire by Jessie Thomas.

The mental list I’ve put together of paperbacks I want to decorate our new house with is fairly lengthy. Which is why it’s only a mental list, a physical one my husband might find is likely to cause a panic attack. The Crow Investigations series is at the top of that list right now and I’m really hoping for more than the four books that are out at the moment.

But the latest book just hit the internet and it’s right up there on my TBR pile:

Tradition. Loyalty. Respect. Murder. Normal Family stuff…

Lydia is pulled into the Crow Family business by her shady Uncle Charlie. He has decided that Lydia needs to learn the truth about her infamous Family and to step into her role within it – whether she likes it or not.

After Lydia’s wrongful arrest, her relationship with DCI Fleet is decidedly rocky, but when a teenage girl goes missing from Highgate Woods she must put aside her emotions and work the case.

Lydia is increasingly alarmed by Charlie’s methods, but is trapped by loyalty. Then a direct attack on the Crows raises the tension between the Families to boiling point, and the mysterious Pearl Family step out of the shadows.

Can Lydia restore balance to the magical Families of London without losing her soul?

* * *

The Pearl King is book four in the Crow Investigations series and I’m a little worried that there was such a large gap between three and four. What does this mean for five? Will there be a five? If so, when? Will it be early next year? Late next year? Two years from now?

This series is suspenseful and highly entertaining and not knowing is driving me crazy! I hope that after reading The Pearl King I’ll know more about whether the series ends at book four or is due to continue. I really hope it’s the latter!

My reviews for the rest of the Crow Investigations series, The Night Raven, The Silver Mark and The Fox’s Curse are all up if this looks like a series you’d love to read. Spoiler alert, you probably would!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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