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The Shifter’s Revenge – Book Review

Title: The Shifter’s Revenge

Author: Maria Vermisoglou

Genre: Urban fantasy/fantasy

Rating: 4 Stars

“The stakes are higher than ever…

As I recover from my last trial where I was confronted by the darkest creatures in history, I hoped things would return to my normal, peaceful life. Not a chance. With my return to Oklealia academy and the arrival of a new headmistress whose inhuman ways turn the academy into a jail, my plate is full enough, but signs of an upcoming threat awaken my fears once more.

Time is running out— for me and the world. When the final battle arrives, will I make the right choice?”

* * *

My Review

So this is book two in the Eulogimenoi series and I have to confess, I haven’t read book one yet. The book still makes sense even though it is a continuation of Violet’s story, which is useful if you haven’t read book one.

The Shifter’s Revenge follows Violet, a witch with a rabbit-shifter boyfriend called Jacques (yes, he’s French!). Violet attends the Oklealia academy which has a new headteacher named La Rouge. La Rouge decides to lock down the school and the students see her as a bit of a tyrant. For Violet who is discovering her powers and trying to see her shifter boyfriend, this is a problem.

Raid, an enemy from book one, is still prowling the halls of Oklealia as a prefect. Jacques shifter family are out for his blood. Worst of all, darkness is spreading through the several realms and threatening to take over. There’s a lot for Violet to deal with in this book!

In the beginning, Violet struggles with her growing powers and La Rouge takes a real interest. Luckily, her powers make her able to deal with all the hurdles she encounters.

The realms are very imaginative and vivid in this world and the fact there are so many of them open up lots of possibilities for future stories. One realm, The Far End, really reflects hell and it’s fun to see a fantasy take it.

My favourite character in this book is definitely Jacques. He’s got a great character arc, is a very loving and brave character who overcomes some incredible hurdles, often in a self-sacrificing way. His thoughts are always of other people, he always puts himself last. This isn’t a good thing, in fact I always wanted him to put himself first more. But it speaks to his selfless character. Also, he’s super cute in his rabbit form!

It’s refreshing to see a shifter that isn’t a wolf, especially as a rabbit shifter isn’t in any way intimidating. Jacques can’t ever really protect Violet in his rabbit form but he is able to do other things like spy and escape. It also creates a lot of tension between Jacques and his family. It’s a whole other dimension to the shifter genre.

There are a few things I’d have liked to see in this book, like more of the academy. Violet does a lot of running around at the academy but there isn’t a lot about her day-to-day life, the classes she takes or her experiences there.

On another note, Violet does seem a little over-powered at times. At the start, she struggles with controlling her powers but as time goes on, there’s no problem her magic can’t solve. The outcome (no spoilers here) is really cool but it feels like the strength of her powers detracts from the tension at times.

Anyway, this is a cool book and it’s about to come out at the end of the month. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon a-right here. You can also get book one, Beware the Violet which is on sale for 99c until the release day for The Shifter’s Revenge. Now’s a good time to get it!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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