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Reading Round-Up: 23rd – 29th October 2020

Maybe it was more appropriate to read some horror-themed urban fantasies this week. Next year, I want to make an effort to really build up to Halloween. A lot of us are already thinking about Christmas and it seems unfair that our favourite spooky holiday doesn’t get enough credit.

Halloween is going to be a low-key affair this year with minimal decorations to help prepare for the move. Something tells me Christmas isn’t going to be a very decorated affair either but so long as we have a good dinner, a few presents to open and at least each other, we’re set. Here in the UK, restrictions relating to COVID-19 are set to tighten in the run-up to Christmas, so having family over might not be an option.

Halloween on the other hand is going to involve a whole bunch of scary movies, more chocolate than my aging tummy can handle (27 is the year it all goes downhill kids!) and probably a few jump scares courtesy of my husband. He has yet to beat the jump scare he gave me in the basement of an abandoned casino in Kampot, Cambodia. The chains screwed into the walls gave it a really serial-killer vibe.

Our plans are casual but we are really looking forward to a shake-up. Working from home and non-essential travel discouraged doesn’t make for a super interesting life right now. Still, we are getting a lot of work done!

This week, I read and reviewed The Shifter’s Revenge by Maria Vermisoglou and it’s not a book I usually read and review. On account of its length! It was a real challenge finishing this book in time for review day. I’m lucky I’ve finally gotten my act together and have carved out some time to read during the week.

With the help of some self-awareness, a really supportive husband and the prospect of getting out of dodge, my inhibitions have taken a back seat recently. Mental space is crazy important for organisation and productivity and it’s hard to remember that unless you have some. With it, I managed to organise reading, writing and recreation pretty well this week and I’m both hopeful and confident to continue doing it.

Cliff notes on the whole mental space thing: it’s ridiculous how much stuff you can get done if you don’t give energy to your doubts. I make it sound so easy but it really isn’t. It’s a process but it’s an achievable goal with some structure and blind faith. Goodness knows a can-do attitude isn’t always attainable when we’re in a bit of a hole.

I hope Halloween and Christmas give you something to look forward to in what has been nothing less than a difficult, challenging year for everyone. Goodness knows after the last several months we all have the right to celebrate, safely. Don’t forget to really get yourself in the mood for Halloween by reading something spooky!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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