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The Importance Of Taking Time To Do Nothing – The Anxious Author

Doing nothing is hard. Especially if you’re a busy person. Especially if you’re a busy person with a busy brain.

At some point in our lives, someone we know will recommend meditation us. Meditation is absolutely possible for anyone with practice but that first attempt at meditation tells us something important: our brains just don’t damn stop.

We’re living, breathing creatures hard-wired to survive and our brains taking their own breaks would have ended our species thousands of years ago. So, the onus is on us to give it a break wherever possible. This especially true for people with anxiety and all us Anxious Authors out there. Our brains work overtime to make sure we’re aware of the possibilities of cancer, car crashes, meteors, alien abductions etc. They need a vacation more often than most!

The thing is that our brains will never do nothing. If they do nothing, we die and that’s just not what we’re looking for. What we need is for our brains to go to a sandy beach and drink margaritas while lounging in a pool ring, floating on crystal clear waters. Whatever our mind equivalent of that is.

Even if we have a to-do list the length of both arms, it’s necessary. Having some time off from the stresses of life might have us tempted to do our hobbies or maybe even our side-hustles. (If you’ve never had someone refer to your side-hustle as a hobby, you’re a lucky duck!) But if we’re close to burn out, doing nothing is the more important activity.

So, what if we are incapable of switching our brains off for a length of time it will appreciate? We do things that give our minds a break, that requires nothing of them other than to keep our heart beating. And, you know, all the other stuff it oversees in the wider body that’s probably pretty important.

Going for a walk without a phone is a good one. Your brain will go where it likes on a walk without electronics and that carefree state of mind is both relaxing and healing. Having a bath, lounging on the sofa or, if it’s possible to treat ourselves, paying for a massage. Again, all without electronics. Like it or not, our phones and TVs just isn’t as freeing as mindless activities. Nope, that doesn’t involve scrolling!

There are times and places for all those electronics related activities but to really take care of our mental health, we need to give our brains some shut-eye. Or at the very least, the short vacation they deserve.

Life is pretty hectic for everyone right now and in those times where we feel overwhelmed, sometimes stripping our activities down to the bare minimum for a short time is a short-term solution. Remember to take care of yourself by taking the time to do nothing, in the hardest times as well as the smoothest. Hell, make a habit of it, a way of life even!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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