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Inheritance – Book Review

Title: Inheritance

Author: Zoe Cannon

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: 4 Stars

“Lena’s grandmother defended her small town against the supernatural. So did her mother. Lena should be next in line. But her autism makes that impossible. At least that’s what her mother has always said. Lena couldn’t even get through college—what makes her think she could wield a magical sword and banish the undead?”

* * *

My Review

All right, I cheated a bit this week. I ran out of time to finish the book I was reading so I snatched up a Halloween urban fantasy short story. I regret nothing, this book was awesome!

Lena’s parents recently died and as the daughter of a witch who defended their town against supernatural forces, she should be next to take up the responsibility. However, Lena is autistic and her parents just don’t think she is able to adequately do the job. This story details Lena’s experiences as an autistic person including meltdowns and her inability to finish college.

But after her parents die and her little sister is still far too young to take on the family’s magical responsibilities, Lena steps up. She has secretly practiced and researched magic using the family documents all her life, determined to prove herself. When her little sister is kidnapped on Halloween, Lena has to find her and save her from whatever supernatural entity took her. But the identity of this entity is a surprise to them all.

This author had my heart in her hand and squeezed. I completely sympathise with Lena’s struggles in that she tries so hard to be “normal” and do what is expected of her in the way that everyone expects, but can’t quite. Yet nobody stops to think that if just, for one freaking second, they tried to help her work out how she can achieve something her way, that it might just get done after all.

I did get a little emotional reading this. Lena puts her heart and soul into everything she does, while she is treated as less capable and looked down on. So when the time came for Lena to step up and take the helm, it was so wonderful to witness her becoming empowered by her own actions and preparation.

Lena is a super strong character both when she is fighting the supernatural and when she’s putting up with her sister’s sass. I’m definitely going to be reading more about Lena and her adventures! One of this book’s few flaws is that it is too short!

If you want to check out Inheritance for yourself, here’s the link! At the time of this post, this short story is only 99c which I personally think is an amazing price considering how awesome this story is.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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