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Magical Mishaps – Book Review

Title: Magical Mishaps

Author: R. L. Wilson

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: 4 Stars

Dark Magic, a seance, and a hex.

The dead are better left alone. When I’m asked by my mother to attend a seance to contact my dead father, I’m apprehensive. Against my better judgement I tag along. Only to find out the spiritual advisor is a con-artist. I call her a phony to her face and she puts a hex on me.

On Halloween day, I awaken in the wrong body. The day gets worse from there. Only when my sister shows up as a werewolf do I realize I may have made a big mistake.

Forced to team up with my mother and sister, my journey to reclaim my body leads down a dark and twisted path. Is risking my life steeper than the price I’m willing to pay?”

* * *

My Review

I’m really enjoying these Halloween short stories and Magical Mishaps is a great example of one done right. A little pocket of magical drama to make Halloween last a little bit longer. Let’s face it, it just didn’t get the oomph it deserved this year. Fingers crossed that Christmas will be just as magical as usual, even if we can’t go to Christmas markets *sob*.

Magical Mishaps follows Sasha, a bookshop owner and potion connoisseur. Her mother looks forward to Halloween because every year she buys the services of Toni, an alleged psychic, to help her speak to her dead husband. Sasha is convinced that Toni is a fraud because of the hefty price tag and miserable lack of ghostly contact.

Unfortunately, this year Sasha decides to speak her mind and Toni hexes Sasha. Sasha and her sister Jody both suffer the effects of the hex with Sasha aging by thirty years and Jody turning into a werewolf. Their only chance at returning to normal is to complete an errand for Toni, who asks that they capture a Shifter who escaped from a séance and must be returned to their realm.

In my opinion, Sasha has taken on the role of bread-winner of the family and takes it seriously. She can’t stand to see her mother being taken advantage of in her father’s name and during the séance this year, she can’t keep her thoughts to herself. I feel hugely sorry for Sasha because she is quite clearly a strong woman who has all her ducks in a row and just wants to help her family. Yet this horrible medium decides to hex her just because she can’t do a decent job of summoning the dead. Hey Toni, if you put as much effort into your séances as you did your hexes, you might have happier customers.

This was a cool story and really entertaining but it was definitely too short. We are only briefly introduced to some quite important characters and the rapport between Sasha and these important characters just isn’t built on enough in the short time they have. It feels like Sasha’s potential love interest (which must surely come up in later books) wasn’t given the time he deserved in order to really show that connection between him and Sasha.

I’m a big imagery fan. I obviously don’t want the whole picture painted for me but it feels as though this story could have been filled out more with imagery, especially in Sasha’s bookstore/potion shop.

Magical Mishaps really took the “hexed by a witch” trope and gave it it’s own spin, which I really enjoyed. It’s a short, sharp read but it’s full of drama and definitely leaves you wanting to read more.

If you’re still looking for a Halloween fix in the run-up to Christmas, I recommend this one! Here’s the Amazon link a-right here.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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