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3 Types Of People To Surround Yourself With – The Anxious Author

Our own attitudes are paramount to making progress in any stage of our lives. This doesn’t exclusively mean positivity, it can mean a lot of things. Determination, ambition and sometimes just a pleasant feeling of contentment in our journey.

Hey, sometimes it’s the negative feelings in life that drive us forwards. Desperation and sadness are motivators in themselves sometimes.

But in an effort to move forwards and achieve our goals, we sometimes forget that our lives aren’t only influenced by our own attitudes. Often it’s the contributions of the people around us that boost us along. Whether they contribute financially, spiritually or give us that much needed pep talk in our darker moments, the people in our circles help us along.

That’s not to say that we should have people around to propel ourselves forwards in life. Other people enrich our lives in so many ways and in my personal opinion, these are the kind of people that we should surround ourselves for truly full lives:

The Dreamers

For dreamers, possibilities are endless, skies are limitless and creativity is the key to a happy life. Dreamers will tell you everything is possible, support your every endeavour and make you herbal teas when you’re sad.

Dreamers are usually so calm and collected, pretty hard to rattle. Stress and drama melt away when they’re around and goodness knows we could all use less of both. Having a dreamer in your life brings calm, liberation and usually, great friendship.

The Realists

Our realist friends stop us from making stupid mistakes. They’ll tell us when something is a great idea and when we’re completely bat-crap crazy. Our sensible choices and gambles are celebrated with Prosecco and drunken cheers. The bad ones dashed out of our heads with the words “have you lost your damn mind?”.

Realists bless us with true honesty. The kind that most friends might think twice about giving us because they don’t want to crush our spirits. The realists have a noble take on friendship. The truth doesn’t scare them and telling the truth scares them even less. They are our unofficial guides and their opinions are the ones we can most depend on.

The Lioness

For Anxious Authors, having a lioness friend can keep our fire alive when they feel like dying embers. They are our champions throughout our friendships and the ones that cheer the loudest when we succeed.

Fiery and take no crap, sometimes they are the loud voice we need when we can’t shout for ourselves. Our lioness friends are great at drowning out the doubtful voices we create for ourselves and the ones directed at us from strangers. Loud an proud!

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