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3 Ways To Cope During A Big Transition – The Anxious Author

A big life change requires a lot of energy. Planning for uncertain events, getting everything in order and then when the time comes, taking action. Whether we’re having a child, starting a new job or, for us Anxious Authors, facing a change in our author careers, such big transitions require some coping mechanisms. Otherwise, we might find ourselves curled up on the floor eating ice cream for breakfast. Hell, it’s probably inevitable anyway. Times are a’changin’, go nuts!

Even if these big transitions are happy and mean only good things for us, we still need to stay mindful of the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves. Anxiety has a habit of heightening our expectations to unrealistic proportions both in ourselves and the outcome.

The very thought of needing to cope might seem overwhelming when we’re already full of excitement, enthusiasm and/or nervousness. But taking some time to practice mindfulness in the run-up to a big life change can make all the difference. So, what do we do?

Take stock of what can go right…and wrong

Anxious Authors are pros at thinking up worst-case scenarios. It’s so easy we don’t even try. All we have to do is curl up in bed and try to get to sleep. At least we will know what to do in the case of a zombie apocalypse, asteroid hitting earth and tsunami.

While we are sure of all the things that can wrong during this life-changing event, it’s important to remember the things we are looking forward to. The parts that make this big change not only worth it but will improve our lives either a little or a lot. Hopefully, the latter.

Keeping these things in mind and peppering them among the maelstrom of worries we are accustomed to. Doing this helps keeps our emotions in balance and stop us from beginning an anxiety spiral. Which at times as life-changing as these, is essential to avoid.

Drink Tea in Excess

This is a very British suggestion but there’s a reason we are known for drinking our bodyweight in tea daily. It effectively reduces stress and, if there is no stress, it’s just a nice, calming side activity. Something warm and comforting to keep your hands busy.

Pockets of peace are difficult to find during a big transition and sometimes we have to make them for ourselves. Having a moment or two to collect ourselves is an important part of any major change and we shouldn’t feel embarrassed to take them. Tea calms in a way that coffee just can’t and will ease any frayed nerves. It might take them two seconds to become frayed again but it’s in our best interests to make the most of those rare but tranquil moments.

Enjoy The Process

We are not going to enjoy every part of our big transitions. In my opinion, that’s the beauty of it. The parts we enjoy are feel-good but the challenging parts are all part of our never ending character building process. That’s something we can enjoy in hindsight.

These big life changes aren’t all sunshine and daisies but we should enjoy the rays when the sun comes out. Big transitions are a smorgasbord of new experiences and feelings and those are best enjoyed in the moment. Afterwards we might feel exhausted and ready for our usual lives to resume but that will get boring enough in due time. For our biggest transitions, we need to live squarely in the moment.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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