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The Pixie’s Power – Book Review

Title: The Pixie’s Power

Author: Nicholas Woode-Smith

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: 4 Stars

“It has been awhile since Duer the Pixie was on his own world. And he has long since given up trying to get back.

But that doesn’t mean it’s become any easier to make a home for himself on Earth. But with his kinth by his side, a lot more seems possible.

That is, until a darkness from another time threatens Duer’s domain…

Pixies may be small, but they aren’t weak. And Duer is prepared to defend his new home. Whatever the risk.

The Pixie’s Power is a heart-felt, funny and contemplative short story from the perspective of everyone’s favourite pixie.”

* * *

My Review

This urban fantasy short story is linked to the Kat Drummond series, written by the same author. I haven’t read this series yet but it’s on my extensive TBR pile. The Pixie’s Power takes place during book 11 of the series and the author suggests that it should be read after reading book 11. I disagree!

This short story doesn’t need the context of the series to be understood and we don’t need to know the other characters to get behind the pixies in this story. I enjoyed it and understood it all without having read a single Kat Drummond book.

The Pixie’s Power follows Duer, a pixie who was long ago driven from his pixie home and now lives in the human home of Cindy. Duer and his pixie clan now do odd jobs around the house in exchange for honey and vodka. All while avoiding the cat, Alex, with whom they have a tentative truce.

Duer still dreams of the life he once had and the people he once loved and lost, which causes difficulty in his current relationships. His struggles still make their new-ish life among the humans a bit alien and novel.

When a wraith invades the house looking for Kat, the pixies are forced to defend their new home. With the help of Alex, Duer is ready to sacrifice himself to save his fellow pixies and defeat the wraith.

This was a neat short story which at first seemed like it was set in a fantasy world with talk of giants. But Duer’s point of view was so well written that it became obvious as time went on that actually, this was the real world and it was like a fantasy world for him. This pixie has some real issues of the heart and he is such an authentic, no nonsense character, that it was no hard task to start rooting for him.

The Pixie’s Power has some Borrower-esque elements to it which I really enjoyed (big fan of The Borrowers!). The pixies have plenty of overlap with folklore to give them a mythical and nostalgic edge while still developing their own originality throughout the story. It had me asking questions about the wider world of Kat Drummond and the kind of magical forces at play there.

Long story short – pun not intended, but enjoy all the same – this is a great short story that really stands out among the other urban fantasy worlds out there. I highly recommend this one!

If you’d like to read this one for yourself, here’s the buy link a-right here!

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