Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 20th – 26th November 2020

Finishing reading anything this week felt like a miracle. Even a story as short as The Pixie’s Power, which I managed to read and review for yesterday.

Here’s this week’s cliff notes: we finally moved! We filled up a van and made the trip from London to the new Sussex house (three times) and we’re in love. Space to walk, no traffic and silent neighbours. After years of living underneath party boys who shoot fireworks out the window and above a man whose idea of a good time is to play the steel drums for 18 hours straight, it’s about darn time.

At the time, it was all kinda annoying. In hindsight, it’s actually great inspiration for writing books. Diverse characters with loud, vibrant personalities make for awesome reading. It really makes you think, how annoying would the characters we read be if they were real? Goodness knows as their authors we would want to be a part of their lives, hovering around like helicopter parents. Hell, then we would be the annoying ones.

But coming out into rural England to live was definitely the right call. We currently have no fridge, no bed and no way to wash our clothes but this was undoubtedly the best choice for someone aiming to go full-time with writing. It’s quiet and green out here and although it’s full of boxes and absolutely no furniture, I’ve got an office.

We are still very much in a state of transition. Everything needs unpacking and we’re still figuring out how to get to the shops. I have no idea whether I still have to go back to work in a new store after the end of next week. Answers are few and far between but it’s an exciting shake-up. Life will get back to a new normal soon enough. Although, hopefully that means I can start reading full-length novels again soon.

I miss getting stuck into a really long book and pretending I’m in it for a few hours. Better yet, I’d really appreciate being able to carry on writing the first draft of Valkyrie Cursed. When you suddenly don’t have time to do the two things that make up most of your life, you can feel a little adrift. Give it a few weeks and I’m hoping to not only get into a new rhythm but to actually know what life holds beyond the next few days. I have a beautiful, brand new day planner that I’m just dying to use!

Next week I’ll have another short story review and hopefully, a clearer outlook on life!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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