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Switch – Book Review

Title: Switch

Author: Lindsey R. Loucks & Rebecca Hamilton

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars

“Elemental fae and bomb squad specialist Myla Snow must find the bomb in the subway tunnel to save Mystic City from a cult of witches.”

* * *

My Review

Wow, this story is a short, short story but it’s super action-packed!

Myla Snow is a bomb squad specialist and an elemental fae with the power over all four elements that she calls “Benny”. After learning bombs have been planted in Mystic City’s subway system, she has to find out who has put them there, why and stop them.

Myla’s backstory is a tragic one that crosses paths with the condemned Barinth cult, a coven of witches that terrorise the city. When Myla discovers they are involved in the plot, her mission gets way more personal.

This is a super immersive, fast paced story which manages to make us truly care for Myla and her family despite the length of the story. Myla is a seriously badass character. Single mum with a dangerous occupation and she takes every near miss in her stride. Naturally, she doesn’t always listen to her superiors. In fact, I can’t count on one hand how many times she ignored her boss and charged in anyway.

This entire story takes place in the Mystic City subway but it’s still really easy to get a feel for the dynamics of the city and the magic system. Like I say, it’s immersive!

I give this book five stars, which gives it The Secret Library Recommended Reads seal!

If you want to check out this book for yourself, here’s the link a-right here.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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