What's on the TBR pile?

What’s On The Reading Pile: Of Land and Air

I knew I missed reading full-length novels while I was on the short-story break for the last several weeks. But I didn’t quite realise how much until I slipped into the bath and booted up the e-reader the other day. One novel finished all in one go, review to come on Wednesday.

It’s not just the books themselves but the act of reading a longer book that I’ve missed. Getting comfortable, hot drink at the ready and ideally no TV going on in the background. Some peace and tranquillity at a time when we need it most.

While I haven’t been reading too many full length novels, I’ve bought so many in the last month. There are so many books to choose from on my TBR pile, I barely know where to begin. So, let’s start with one that really caught my eye.

“Rachel dreamed of adventure until her dreams become her waking nightmare.

A freak car crash  transports her from a mundane suburban life to a magical other-world, where the lines between reality and fantasy are shattered. 

Abducted and held captive by the handsome but frigid Commander Cornelius Montesquieu, Rachel is forced to train as a weapon in their war.

Train and you can go home… Train and you’ll survive…

Deceit lies behind all who surround her. Rachel must decide whether to trust the magical inhabitants of this strange world—and the enigmatic commander who’s taken her—or find a way back home on her own.

No one is prepared when a great elemental power awakens within her, least of all Rachel.

With her life on the line, and uncontrollable power flowing through her veins, she discovers that not everything—or everyone—is as it seems.

She can’t afford to lose focus. Every day she stays, her lifeline back home fades. Soon the veil will seal, and she can never go back.”

* * *

Of Land and Air has a black female protagonist which, along with the blurb and amazing cover, was one of the main reasons I got it. The indie author world is becoming more diverse and faster than the world of traditional publishing, but both worlds are fairly white-washed.

I try my best to be as sensitive and politically correct as possible, especially when it comes to struggles I will never experience. I probably don’t always succeed but growth is an ongoing thing. But reading protagonists from different cultures and backgrounds is fascinating and for this reason, I’m always looking for all kind of diversity in the books I read.

Looking forward to reading this one!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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