Magical Worlds Giveaway

I’ve just started reading a book called Of Air and Land which is essentially a story of a teenage girl getting transported to a fantastical world to fulfil her destiny. When I was a tweenager, I was obsessed with these kinds of stories.

There’s something super exciting about the thought that you could be plucked out of your ordinary life at any moment and thrown into an adventure in another dimension. When I was in my early teens, I wished every day that I would get catapulted into another world to fulfil my destiny. Preferably somewhere with friendly dragons and magic but the Digiverse was also acceptable.

This week I’ve stumbled across a giveaway that focuses on this very element:

The books in this giveaway all feature characters tumbling out of their world and into another. Including The Alchemist’s Loom, Incendiary, Spinning Silver and Every Heart A Doorway.

As ever there is also plenty of swag, including a Galadriel Funko Pop, a Mr Tumnus camping mug, a Fireheart candle and an Alice In Wonderland inspired notebook.

I’m super jealous of anyone who can enter this giveaway because it’s for US residents only and I’m in the UK! But for you lucky US based folk, remember you can enter more than once to increase your chances of winning. Go to the web page where this contest is being hosted for all the details, the link for which is a-right here.

Good luck and thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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